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Leaving for Fanime

I'll be leaving for Fanime in about 9 hours.

I'll be half working for Company B and half working for Company G.

So for Company B I'll be at the booth and their panel, and for Company G I'll be translating most of their panels.
Company G brought 4 people this time: An all-around guy, an animator, and two voice actors.
So that'll be a handful.

Hopefully I can work on some projects for Company DR while I'm there.
I have two manga due next week!
I'm going to only take the NYA (not yet announced) project, because I'd rather do that first.
Then I'll do the easier KAGETORA #7.

KAGETORA is easier because I'm used to all the characters now.
For the new project, I still have to think through the tone of the book and characters.


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