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E'S #1 Released

E'S #1 is released today.

Since I'll be in Torrance later on to translate video games, maybe I'll stop by the Borders there to look at it.
(One of the highest manga-selling Borders in the nation, I heard).

Volume 1 is about the E'S military troop's first Gald-related assignment.
And, of course by manga law, it goes wrong.

Yuuki is "kidnapped" to find that he has a job offer (which is more baggage than he asked for), then later Asuka finds Kai, another baggage Yuuki has to deal with.

At the end, there's extra manga by the author with SD (or "chibi," to be PC) Shin-lu and Shen-long.

And then there's Asuka introducing the city of Gald.
Even if most of volume 2 will be in Gald, it's there for people who can't wait until volume 2 is released.


Hm, I guess if I don't spell it out, SD is okay?

I can't keep up with fandom terminology.
For a long time I didn't know what a "bishie" was.
People kept telling me, "Oh, Kaname (from Juvenile Orion) is a bishie."
ビッシー? Likeネッシー?

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