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Movie Project, Part 2

I went to Company S to work on the movie project.

I finished the premiere screening talking part, and then moved on to the footage of the red carpet.
Uh...there were only about 60 subtitles, and I couldn't hear most of it because of the screaming of the Japanese girls.

When Japanese girls are screaming at a movie/rock star or a pop idol, it's called "yellow cheering."

I don't know why, but there's a theory that it came from the old days.
Before the Heian period, they used to read scriptures in various pitches, almost like a song.
And they used colors to indicated if you read a word low or high, and yellow was used for high "notes."

There is another theory that during the Edo period there was a fad to express voices with colors, and one of them was yellow.

Anyway, after I finished that I moved onto a press conference.

The director talks a lot!
I have so much respect for the interpreter.

I'll go back later tonight to work on it more.


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