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I was watching the movie Idiocracy at a friend's house today.

It was pretty depressing...since I know many smart couples who have decided not to have children.

Anyway, we didn't watch it with subtitles, which feels weird to me.
I almost always watch DVDs with the English subtitle on.

I have various reasons:

1) I have a hard time hearing in general, so it helps me
2) I work with subtitles, so I have a general interest
3) I want to see how things are translated
(When I watch with Japanese audio and English subtitles)

Subtitles are handled differently depending on the studio, so I like to just check it out.
I also like to see which words are omitted when the lines are too long.

And of course, it comes in handy when you watch movies like Memoirs of a Geisha.


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