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Movie Project, Part 1

Currently I am working on a bonus feature for a DVD.

I think the movie is going to be nominated for an well as the director and the actor.

There are going to be several clips that I have to translate.
Today I worked on the world premiere of the movie held in Japan.

Before the screening they had some of the actors, the producer, the script writer, and the director say a few things.

I was surprised at how well the young actor (teen idol) spoke.
When he came on stage, a bunch of his female fans (obviously just there to see/support him) screamed out and it was funny.

I have about 50 minutes of footage, and then I'll get more next week.


Oh, I got an update. I got 30 more minutes of footage, also due next week.

Actually, the earlier they come, the better, because starting Thursday I have to commute to Company A to work on a video game.


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