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Finished Ghost Hunt #9

I finished Ghost Hunt #9 and turned it in.

I guess I did end up with a good amount of translation notes.

There is one about Shinobu Origuchi, who is mentioned a little bit in the manga.

He is a scholar of Japanese folklore.

But if you do a search of him on Google (Japan), it focuses a lot on his sexual orientation.
Since it was irrelevent, I of course left it out of the notes.

Ghost Hunt was fun.
I just hope I don't have to wait 3 years for the next volume to come out.

My favorite arcs are the "Forbidden Game" (volumes 4 and 5), "Bloodstained Labyrinth" (volumes 6 and 7), and the one I worked on, which is the "Cursed House" (volumes 8 and 9).
Of course I like the "Cursed House" the most, because I am attached to all of my work.

Now I will move on to a novel, which involves European history.
So I have to switch gears.
Click click.
I already read the novel, so I think I might first do research first.
I can't write details yet because it's unannounced.


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