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Folk Tale in Ghost Hunt, Part 2

Happy New 2007!

I am almost done with Ghost Hunt #9.

Before I started translating the folk tale and etc, I went out and researched various things.

How to perform Japanese exorcism...
The name of the fluffy things shrine priests shake...
If I can become a miko (I can't)...
About traveling Buddhist monks...
Geography of Ishikawa prefecture...
Etc, etc.

I found the tales/history of "foreigner kiling" the most interesting.

After taking in everything I can find, I translated the "difficult" text.

And actually it didn't turn out to be that hard.

...Did I waste my time researching?

See, since this is a Nakayoshi KC (manga for young teenage girls), the writer actually explains most of what you need to know in the manga.
It's really well written.
There's a lot of information in the right amount of pages.

So there weren't as many translation notes as I thought there would be.


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