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Fanime Day 1

I’m at Fanime now on the Fanime WiFi.
I love having internet connection at cons!!

I was expecting work from JRI, but it’s not here yet.
I called their office but they don’t get in until 9am…

I wonder if this week’s work is going to be cancelled?

Today I’ll be pretty busy.

I have to work at Company B’s booth until 12pm.
Then I’ll interpret panels/autograph sessions for Company G until 2pm.
2 to 3pm I’ll have a Company B panel.
Then back to the booth until 6pm.
6 to 8pm I’ll be interpreting for Company G.

It doesn’t look that busy in writing but I have to do a lot of set up and meetings before that.

Usually when I interpret, I like to meet with the client so I know how to lead the panel.
There’s also likes and dislikes too…like if the client is okay with having his/her picture taken.
I think most of the people today are okay with pictures…two of them are voice actors.

I also try to ask their bio.
That way when panel attendees ask a question I would know what they are talking about.

Yamaga-san I hardly have to meet with, since I’ve worked with him for many years now.
But maybe something came up that we should briefly talk about.

Also, this is not Fanime related but I found a new adapter for more DUP USA songs.
So we’ll have more songs in their lineup.
Stephanie (Yanez) and I just finalized the “Million Dollar Smile,” so hopefully she’ll be able to sing it soon.


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