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Like Any Other Day

I have to keep reminding myself that today is the last day of 2006.

I have a hard time remembering because I'm spending it like any other day.

I woke up, checked email, and worked.

Later today I will be going to my mom's house to spend a semi-Japanese ohmisoka, or New Year's Eve.

We won't be eating soba, mainly because I don't really like soba.
We won't go to a temple, although there are many around my mom's house because she lives in Japan Town.
I don't think the temples ring the bell either...but I'll check.
If they do, they'd ring it 108 times to get rid of the 108 worldly desires.

The only thing we'll do is watch kouhaku and eat osechi.
We'll have mochi too.

Osechi is supposed to be eaten on the 1st, but we're doing it early.

We don't have traditional osechi.
We just have dishes we like plus alpha.

Our osechi includes
- kuri kinton
- kuro mame
- date maki
- kamaboko
- kazunoko
- sashimi

The only thing my mom makes are the kuro mame and the mochi and the rest are bought or provided.
The sashimi will come from our sushi chef friend, and my dad provides kamaboko because he's in the kamaboko business.

Of course, even while I'm there I'll be working.
I won't take my laptop but I'll take a manga and a novel.


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