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Folk Tale in Ghost Hunt

I'm working on Ghost Hunt #9 because I have many many deadlines in January.

Including the Innocent W #3 that I already turned in, I have 6 deadlines.

5 manga and 10 pages of a novel.

This is not including any last minute stuff I may get from the movie or anime industry.

Anyway, so I'm working on Ghost Hunt.
I'm almost halfway through, but before I reach that point, there is about 10 pages explaining a Japanese folk tale.

...If I remember correctly, this is not the only place they talk about the folk tale.
It comes up later too, to connect the incidents with the folk tale.
And to explain why so many people are dying.

In my opinion, this folk tale is the hardest part of this manga volume.

I'm thinking it'll generate a bunch of translation notes.
Maybe, maybe not.

When I do translation notes, I try to gather the information for them while I do the translation.
I do my research, paste them (or type in) on a separate document, and translate the notes at the end.

I try to gather several information for the same note, then consolidate when I translate it to English.

Then I triple check to make sure all of the information is objective and correct.

I hope people realize the amount of work that goes into the translation notes (by all translators and editors, not just me) and learn something new today!


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