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Started on Ghost Hunt #9

I am not done with Innocent W #3 yet, but since my brain isn't functioning yet, I decided to go ahead and start formatting for Ghost Hunt #9.

First, I had to cut up the book actually takes a lot of strength, and I had a hard time.

This has nothing to do with work, but when I first saw the cover for volume 4, I thought the person on the left side (with the long hair) was a guy, cross-dressing as a woman.

Please see image below.

I thought it was another manga with one of those characters, you know?
(Like Nuriko in Fushigi Yuugi, or Xxxxxx in E'S...censored because I don't want to spoil volume 4 just yet)

Even as I was reading the series I thought it was the monk cross-dressing.

Sorry, Ayako!


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