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KAGETORA #4 Released

KAGETORA #4 is released today, although I think it's been out in bookstores already.

Since there's not much of an overall theme, I'll do a breakdown of the chapters instead.

Chapter 16
Kagetora, Yuki, and the gang get to a resort where they decide they'll enter an obstacle course in the pool.
Since the girls are in bikinis, there are many shonen manga incidents. (Bras coming off, etc).

Chapter 17
Yuki gets a hold of Kagetora's ninja sake and he discovers that she is better in martial arts when she's drunk.
Kagetora's older brother (one of the better characters in my opinion) Taka is in it too.

Chapter 18
Yuki's cousin Tomoe comes to visit. There is a very unrealistic bathtub scene with Kagetora and Tomoe. But that's what makes this manga so cute.

Chapter 19
Kagetora decides to go visit his mother, and brings Yuki along. Yuki learns more about Kagetora.

Chapter 20
Kagetora, Yuki, and the gang go visit the shrines for New Year's Eve. They challenge a long flight of stairs that lead to a smaller shrine where you can see the sunrise, and make a wish that will most likely come true.

There are a bunch of translation notes that I spent a lot of time on, so I hope people will take a look just for random Japanese information.


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