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The Course of E'S Extras

I have to put Innocent W #3 and Ghost Hunt #9 on hold to briefly work on the E'S #3 extra pages that I sort of started almost a month ago.

The Company B blog reminded me to finish it.

I've been giving it much thought, but I guess I'll go with comparing the "prelude version" with the actual series.

It MIGHT get rejected though.
That is why I have to turn it in for approval as soon as the new year starts.

The content has to go through many people.

First, I have to give it to the editorial staff at Company B.
I think the editor looks at it first.
Then it goes to the adapter for grammar check.
Then it goes to the layout person.
I think then it goes to the managing editor.
(If she decides it's not good, it goes to the cutting actually when I think of the concept I briefly talk to her about it)

Then...the biggest obstacle to overcome, like I said it many times before, is the licensor.

By the way, all of this process is handled by the editor at Company B.
It's pretty much out of my hands until I get an email from the editor asking to change something (or the whole thing).
Or, if it's approved with no problems, I just look it over to see if it's perfect.


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