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Princess Showdown

Since I worked on both violent princess stories, I wanted to see who would win if they battled each other.


Alita uses a katana called Himezuru. She also has knives on her thighs.

Hime uses various things, from fencing swords to chainsaws to bowguns.

Winner: Tie. Hime's weapons can destruct more, perhaps, but Alita makes up for it with martial art skills.


Alita has a shinigami and a big guy (not sure what he is) helping her.

Hime has an android, Flandre and Hiro, a blood warrior.

Winner: Alita, because Hiro constantly needs to be supplied with Hime's blood to function. And most of the time he is not useful.


Alita wears a white dress with long sleeves and it comes down to her shin.

Hime wears a black dress with no sleeves, and it comes down to her knees.

Winner: Alita, because her dress rips more in the story.


Alita's enemies are the lolita twins, Dr. Akamashi, and the black knight.

Hime's enemies are werewolves, invisible men, vampires, etc.

Winner: Alita's enemies are cuter (the twins) and hotter (the black knight).

Violence Factor

Alita tears off the stinger from a monster bee.

Hime uses a chainsaw to slash the invisible man in half.

Winner: Hime. That invisible man episode was not the favorite for me.


Alita will be featured on an OVA, voiced by Park Ro Mi (voice of Edward in Fullmetal Alchemist).

Hime will be featured in a TV anime series.

Winner: Tie. Although TV anime has more advantage with marketing and exposure, OVA has higher quality animation.


Lolita vs Twin Lolitas

Yuna and Anna are twin androids with gimmicks inside of their bodies.

Flandre is an android made out of...was it steel? She can stop a chainsaw with her bare hands.

Winner: Yuna/Anna, for they cosplay as bees!

There are more factors, but I didn't want to put that many spoilers before the series were released.

Maybe when they are, MangaCast or someone can do a poll.
(Hint, hint)


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