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Rude Interpreter

I went to Company S to continue my work on the interview.
I'm glad my outer ear stopped bleeding, because working at Company S requires wearing a headphone.

As I listened to the audio carefully, I realized that the interpreter/interviewer is pretty rude.

She would make comments to the producer (?) guy saying, "This question was already answered" or "I don't get the question. How is it different from the previous question?"
She would also make comments to the actress saying "I don't think that's correct."

She also interrupts the actress.

From her voice and the way she refers to the actress with "-chan," she's probably an old lady in the industry.

Even so, she shouldn't be interrupting because it's hard for me to translate!!

I hope I can finish in time...
I had a lot of time but I was too busy with other work to go in, and now I'm out of time.

My January 2007 schedule is already filling up too.
Shiku shiku...


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