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Work? Bah.

I just came back from our annual holiday party among our group of friends + alpha.

Roughly 40 people of geeky people.
Some anime industry, some game industry, some manga industry...all geeks.
Har har.

I had a doctor's appointment and I had to cook croquette for the party, plus go early to set up the games, blah blah blah, so I didn't get any work done today.

When I went to the neighborhood post office (never crowded, one guy working there), I went up to the man (P-san is his name) and asked him in perfect English if there are 84 cent stamps.
(84 cents is how much it costs to send a xmas card to Japan)

And he answered,

"Nai kedo...daijoubu."

in perfect Japanese.

I knew he's a happa (half caucasian, half Japanese) and spoke Japanese because my mom had told me before.
But I thought he'd be more comfortable speaking in English.
I guess I was wrong.

It was weird he assumed I knew Japanese too.
Maybe he remembered me from the last time I went with my mom, or just assumed from my appearance.

I did take Innocent W to the party to see if I can at least number the pages, but nooooo luck.

I guess I'm still too hyper from the drive back from Burbank, so I could work on KAGETORA.

Okay, I'll at least try.

It's raining in Los Angeles.


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