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No Holiday Break

I am still working on June Pride.
I didn't get work done yesterday because it was hot, dry, and I went shopping.

I was looking through my schedule (of deadlines) and I realized I will get no holiday break.

After I finish June Pride I will be working on the DVD interview thing and KAGETORA #11 (the final volume).

After that, I will be working on Innocent W #3 and a new title from Company DR.

I still didn't get notices about a couple of titles from Company B, but I'm hoping it's coming up soon.
(Unless they decide they don't like me anymore...which is always a fear I have to deal with, with any company)

I was hoping to join Ed from MangaCast in Tokyo for Comiket, but it looks like I have to skip it.

Maybe I can go in March for TAF.


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