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Proctoring for JLPT 2006

Today I spent almost all day working as a proctor for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
Also known as JLPT.

This year I was in charge of level 4, which is the lowest level.

I like the different variety of the people who take level 4.
There were kids who were about 10 up to men in their 60's.

The room I was in was really small, stuff with 32 people.
On tiny desks.
It was sad.

Since my partner and I didn't want to walk around the tiny spaces and drop someone's test, we just stood around in the front.
I made the mistake of wearing squeaky shoes.
Next year I'll try not to.

One of the proctors came wearing a UCLA hat.
The site was at USC, and since it was the day after the upset, I don't know if that was a good idea...
Fortunately he didn't get jumped.
At least, not that I know of.

I'm tired so I'll go back to my main work tomorrow.


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