One Potato Two





I'm still only 55% done with my project.

Then I checked my email and I have more work on the other file.
(I thought a co-worker was doing it, but I guess not. She only did maybe...a quarter of it?)

While I was working the fire alarm went off so I semi-evacuated.
Since there was no supervisor to check me and a couple other workaholics off, we went back in after a few minutes.

Maybe it was the NFL people (they are in the same building). They got too hot over the game.

Later I will work on June Pride while I watch the Amazing Race.
The Cho brothers I was rooting for are out now, and the remaining teams I don't really care for, but I'll still watch Rob and Kim bicker throughout the show.
Hee hee.

I like working at other sites (like, companies and not my house) because at least it forces me out of the house.
But...I wish I can control the temperature more.
And I wish I can take my hantens and wear it.
I have two types, the sleeved one and the vest one, but I think I'll look too ridiculous at Company S.
Even if there are a lot of international people working there.


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