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English Proficiency Test

Today I spent most of the day at the English proficiency test.

The 1st grade test involves the examinee choosing a topic and making a speech, and then we (the examiners) ask some questions asking about related issues.

I tried to pick up on what the examinee focused, and expand on it.

I like how in 1st grade I can adjust to the examinee's level of common knowledge.
For example, I would bring up chatting and instant messaging to a younger generation, but I wouldn't to a woman in her 40s.

All but one of the examiners are bilingual, so this was my chance to get chummy with other bilinguals.
One person is a translator like me (although in a different field, I assume), so we exchanged email addresses.

After work, I stopped by Gardena to go to a yakitori-to-go store.
I got a yakitori donburi. Since I got to choose which yakitori, I got bara (pork belly), nankotsu (cartilage), and negima (meat pieces with green onion).

I usually prefer the negima with salt, not sauce, but I guess for the over-rice dish it's better with sauce.


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