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Hell Week! Yay!

I really don't want to be looking at my calendar right now...

I have nothing due this week, but for the next two weeks I have something due almost every other day.

Starting with Nov 12 (Sun), I'll be working the whole day doing English Proficiency test interviews.
Usually the day is divided into morning and afternoon.
And usually morning would be one level, and afternoon another.

Sigh...I was told I'll be doing the highest level (1st grade) the whole day.

On Nov 15 (Wed), my novel is due.
I'm still not where I want to be...

On Nov 17 (Fri), I have some E'S #2 stuff due.
This one is easy, but considering the amount of work I have right now, it puts pressure on me.

On Nov 20 (Mon), I have two manga due.
Both are unannounced, and they are for different companies.

On Nov 22 (Wed), I KAGETORA #10 is due.

On Nov 24 (Fri), something else for E'S #2 is due.
Although this is the day after Thanksgiving, so I'm assuming they want it on Monday after or Wednesday before.
It'll kill me if it's the Wednesday before.


I need to get rid of my cold too.

I was asked by Company S to come in to do work on EverQuest II, but I think I have to say no.
I really hate doing that, but the fever killed me.


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