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What's So Wrong?

I was watching Studio 60 and the executive (Jordan, played by Amanda Peet) was saying how it was bad that a publication released info about her:

1) She hates kids, she'll never have kids, she'll never hire women with kids.
2) She hates dogs.

...What's wrong with that?

I don't like kids.
Although I do want a kid and I don't think a woman with kids would want to work for me.

I'm not necessarily fond of dogs either.

See, when I was younger, I had a friend who lived about 2 blocks away.
She had a dog.
Everytime I went to go see her, her dog would get excited over the "visitor" and pee.
Sometimes on my shoes, sometimes on my pants...

Sometimes he would step on his pee and then jump on me...

Yeah, so I'm not really fond of dogs.

Although...our house cat thinks she's a dog.

My fever is gone but now I have a sore throat.
I was told that I have large tonsils, but unlike before, they don't take out tonsils anymore.
I was told it's the last resort.
Like, if I get strep throat 6 times a year, then they will take it out.

Oh yeah, this is a work blog.
Since my fever is gone I worked on manga some more.


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