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Finished Everything But

I didn't work at all Saturday because of the Endless Shrimp(TM) party at Red Lobster, then some geekiness at A's house.

We also had an Ugly Betty marathon.

The telemundo parts are very funny.

I think I like the show because there are a lot of mean people.

I like mean people, because they are funny.
I'm mean but I'm not funny.
Well, it's funny to me and I laugh silently inside my head, but I'm sure the people I'm mean to don't think it's funny.

Anyway, I finished the Company JRI documents first because they were the easiest.

Then I did the English proficiency test thing so I can get that out of the way.

Now I'm back to working on Gunbuster.

What's going to take me long are the translation notes.
I hope I can finish tomorrow so I can go back to working on the manga and the novel...


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