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There's No Place Like Home

As much as I love going to cons, I always come back and love LA all over again.

Well, maybe not this time...

I came home to a pile of work.

Since I don't work for a company, I didn't come home to find my inbox piled up with documents.

(In fact, the cat had jumped up on my desk and dropped stuff...)

But I did get a couple of things:

I got some work to do for the English Proficiency test.
I got more books from Company T. (Yay!)
I got an email from Company DR to clarify something.
I got an email from Company B to look over something E'S #1 related.
I got an email from Company 7S about a minor change.

...So I guess I got minor things from almost all of my clients.

It'll be a busy week.


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