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Update From San Fran

I found some WiFi.

So I update my I a geek?

Also, do people get offended when I call San Francisco "San Fran?"

But it's definitely easier to say.

Anyway, I am almost done with my work for Yaoi Con.
I just need to drive back, help them clean up, and report to the big boss.

Yaoi Con was tiring but fun.
I finally got to meet one of my editors from Company T.
I also met someone else too.
They were both nice people.

It's funny how I would meet them in SF when I live only 10 miles away from Company T.

I also met the president and staff from Company DQ.
They are very nice.

I was very tired yesterday nite and only got through about 10 pages of KAGETORA #9.

Tonight I will ganbaru.

Company B sales manager A and I are supposed to go eat dinner with Ed, the famous podcast guy at MangaCast.

Gu-. (I'm hungry)


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