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Barely? Finished Lament of Lamb

Today was a so-so busy day.

Since I'm helping out for Yaoi Con for Company B, I went to help pack and load as well.
I love doing conventions.
I wish more companies would hire me to do it.

After I finished that, I came home to work on Lament of the Lamb.
They wanted it Friday, so I had to finish it by tonight.

And I finished!!

I haven't read the manga, but now I know the ending.
Unless they're changing it.

Oh well. I'm scared of horror, so it's better that I know the ending.

So...there's a change of plans on what to do at Yaoi Con.

I will be taking the last 20 pages of KAGETORA #9 for Company DR, something for E'S #1 for Company B, and novel D for Company 7S.

Now let's see how much of that I can finish...

I won't have internet access in San Francisco.
That's almost 4 days.

Very very sad.


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