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The Film Industry Rush Factor

I guess today is a rush job day.

Luckily I finished title G from Company T.
They were amazed how fast I was, but it was only 30 pages.

I finished the FLCL booklet check (which is really fast) for Company B, so I guess I had time.

I got a rush rush rush job from a company I can't name for a brief translation to Japanese.
And since it's the film industry, it's super-rush.
It's due Monday.

Film is always a rush, isn't it.

Well, I did the TV industry before too, and that was more rush-rush.

I guess that's why I'm happy with the publishing industry.
That is where I get most of the work.

I did a pie chart the other day, and it turns out that 78% of the payments I received this year was for publishing.

...Anyway, if I look at my schedule Monday has 3 deadlines.
E'S #2 was due that day (I finished it), and yaoi title T was due too (I finished it).

Good planning!


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