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Ultimate FLCL

I was asked by the head producer of Company B to take a look at the FLCL booklet, which will be included in the FLCL Ultimate Edition DVD set.

Even after 4(?) years, I still remember the FLCL booklet.
It was one of my first professional translation jobs in the anime/manga industry.

(My first official job was Sister Princess related).

I did the hardcore translation notes that people would say "What? Where'd that come from!?" like the Kabaya JuiC (pronounced "juicy") and Kuma High/Maeda-san & Okoshi/Waseda/Daiye baseball stories.
Even the president of Company B (born and raised in Japan) was like, "where in the world did you get this information?"

I remember having a hard time translating director Sakurai's hardcore bass column, and trying to find the origin of the word "moe."

Anyway, I spent a lot of hard work on it.
Much like how the Japanese creators worked on it, and much like how the English producers worked on it.

After FLCL was aired on Cartoon Network, I met a lot of people (at conventions and stuff) who said they didn't own the DVD, but rather had tapes from the airing on TV.

I was a little sad at that fact that people didn't own the DVD because the work I did on it is only featured in the DVD.
(I did the director's commentary translation in addition to the work I did in the booklet).

So for those who still didn't get the DVD, the Ultimate Edition is the perfect excuse to get one now.

FLCL is a "kame ba kamu hodo aji ga deru" anime.
This translates to "the more you chew, the more taste comes out of it."
I hope people watch it many times.

This is what I recommend:

Watch it once subtitled.
Watch it again in dub.
Watch it with the director's commentary.
Read over the booklet and find translation notes you didn't pick up from the three viewings.
Watch it again (subbed or dubbed) to look for those references.

You can watch it again to play drinking games.
Take a drink when:
1) There's a panty shot
2) Something comes out of Naota's head
3) A cat appears

...Okay, that was a long post.


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