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Edo Burning

There is something in Japan called "80% Village."
It started during the Edo period where someone who did something wrong in a village is ignored by the whole village.

The only times it doesn't count is at a time of fire or a funeral.

In the Edo period, during a fire, prisoners were set free.
They had to come back, of course, but I'm surprised people would be so generous.

But as in the 80% village situation, during a fire you have to be nice and fair...I guess.

Edo period and fire reminds me of a story known as "Yaoya Oshichi."
The daughter of a grocery store (Yaoya is grocery store in Japanese), Oshichi, meets an apprentice monk when she evacuates to a temple during a fire.
She falls in love with him, and wanting to see him again, she tries to commit arson.
She gets caught and is burned at the stakes.

Very ironic.

I'm talking about this because fire and Edo are brought up in the manga I'm working on right now.


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