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Saw Studio 60

I saw Studio 60, episode 2 tonight on tv.
And then I went to to watch the pilot episode.

I like it a lot.

I never saw much of West Wing, but I knew the people produced pretty good shows because I saw part of an episode at Company S and I saw the last few episodes on tv last season.

It's really a series of events that led me to watch Studio 60.

I mean, if Company S didn't use a West Wing episode as part of the training (subtitles were in French), I wouldn't have been interested in watching the last few episodes, and I wouldn't be interested in watching Studio 60.

Gee, ever since we got the big tv, I've been addicted to it.
Since I can, I adjust my schedule according to it.

I go shopping and to the gym when tv has soap operas on.
Soon I'm quitting my restaurant job so I can watch Law & Order Criminal Intent and SVU.

(Actually, it's really because I'm getting too busy with my main work)

Working on a flexible schedule is great.


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