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Winter Japan Trip 2011-2012

It was my friend's last day in Japan, but I couldn't do much for him because I had to go to Niigata prefecture in the morning.

I have a problem with the JR East Pass regarding some issues that came up this morning,
so of course like an American I wrote them a letter of complaint.

By the way, I got the JR East 4-day Flexible Pass for this trip.
Basically you can choose four days within a month's time frame to use any JR East trains as much as you want.

(Pictured to the left)

Japan Rail Pass

Anyway. I took the Shinkansen to Nagaoka, where my relatives live.

I ate the Suica bento on the way.

Suica Bento

Suica Bento

Suica Bento

When I got to my relatives' house, my cousin was there looking bored,
so I asked him to rip up my next manga I was to work on.

Hee hee, it was yaoi.

He had to look at the pictures because I asked him to number the pages too.
Man, I'm evil.

I worked for the rest of the day.
Some video game stuff (not announced yet),
some manga, and some Hollywood stuff.