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Pirates in Love

I think a couple of weeks ago I saw a press release about Pirates in Love coming out.

I worked on this a little bit back in January...
I don't think my translation was used in the actual game
(or maybe it was? If someone could find the "have a blast" in the cannon, please let me know)
because they said I was translating text for their presentation or something.

Anyway, you can get the app on iTunes.

Honestly, after translating Flesh & Blood (a yaoi light novel that was never published),
I don't think I would ever want to live like a pirate.

So this game is not really for me...

But if you're into pirates, please check it out!

Finished Shugo Chara Chan #1

I finished Shugo Chara Chan #1, the spin-off manga series to Shugo Chara.

Shugo Chara Chan is a 4-koma manga,
and like the other 4-koma manga I have worked on in the past
(Sunshine Sketch, Shoulder-a-coffin Kuro)
there are a lot of translation notes.

The manga artist for Shugo Chara Chan seems to be a foodie,
so there are a lot of references to food.

Which is fine with me, because I like food.

There is also a section where the Guardian Characters visit other Nakayoshi manga characters
(these manga are drawn by the various manga artists)
such as Hell Girl, I Am Here!, and Arisa.

It was fun looking up the storylines of these other manga.

Please look for Shugo Chara Chan #1 when it comes out later this year!

Hidden References in Love Hina

Love Hina Thumb

I finished Love Hina volumes 4-6, which will be Love Hina Omnibus Edition volume 2.

I included some hidden references that will not be explained in the translation notes.
I discussed this with my editor, and we both agreed that
since the Japanese version has a lot of references that are unexplained,
the English version should have some too.

But I will give a hint and show which pages they are on...

Please let me know if you notice it when the English version comes out!

Love Hina

Love Hina

The second one is not really a hidden reference, but a semi-private joke...
To myself...