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Comic-Con 2011 Day 3

Day 3.

I didn't have much planned for this day.

In the morning, I shared one of those bicycle cabs with Shigeto Koyama,
an illustrator/designer who I've known for a while.

He was in a rush to get to the convention center to meet up with Dai Sato and others.
They worked on a few projects together, I think.

The bicycle cab ride was pretty fun.

When I got to the convention center, I went in the exhibit hall for the first time this year.
And then I left after 10 minutes...
It was crazy.

I only went in long enough to pick up my complimentary tickets
to the Tekken Blood Vengeance screening from Bandai Ent.

Then I went to go see Yen Press, since I missed them the night before.

On the way, I managed to pick up a Phineas & Herb knapsack.
I didn't get the one I wanted, so I spent the whole day finding someone to trade with.

I wanted to see T from Yen Press because I had some goodies for her.
Well, it was just to market the Hakuoki game to her, since I knew she would like it.
(She emailed me a few weeks later that she bought a PSP just to prepare herself for Hakuoki...haha!)

I then went to hang out with my friend F.
We got to catch up, which was nice.

Then I went to the Namco Bandai panel to see Dai Sato, since I told him I would go.
When I got to the room...the line was huuuuuge!!

So once again, I had to use my connections to get in.
Thanks, Sato-san!

Some pictures I took while we waited for the panel to start:

Comic-Con International 2011

Comic-Con International 2011

Comic-Con International 2011

And then the panel.

Comic-Con International 2011

Comic-Con International 2011

And that was it for me for Comic-Con 2011.
I spent most of the time in the panel rooms and networking.
But I had a lot of fun!!

See you next year, Comic-Con!

Comic-Con 2011 Day 2

Day 2.

This was the busiest day at Comic-Con, since I had to do a lot of business stuff.

I went to the JManga panel to meet up with R, one of the JManga people.
He introduced me to the S-san, the guy in charge of JManga.

The panel was VERY scripted and I found that funny.
But I hope everyone is excited about it.

Comic-Con International 2011

Comic-Con International 2011

After the JManga panel, my friend F and I went to line up to get into Room 6BCF.
We wanted to get into the Green Lantern panel.

This was the first time I lined up in the sun for a panel at Comic-Con...
And I would only do it out of love for Conan O'Brien.

We got in for the Legendary Pictures panel, which was cool because it was something I wanted to check out.

Comic-Con International 2011

And we got copies of Mass Effect 2 out of it, too!

And it was finally time for Conan O'Brien...
After a brief Green Lantern panel, they introduced the main event.

First, a clip of The Flaming C.

Comic-Con International 2011

Then Conan came out!!

Comic-Con International 2011

Comic-Con International 2011

It was a fun, fun panel.

Then we went to the Shonen Jump panel, since our friend M was dressed up.
It was full, but we got in thanks to connections...

Comic-Con International 2011

Then I went to the JManga party.

Comic-Con International 2011

I got to meet a bunch of new people as well as catch up with clients who I only see once a year.

The food was good, too!
Served by a couple of cute men.

I then rushed to the Bandai Ent panel, where my sister was interpreting for Dai Sato.

Comic-Con International 2011

I missed most of the panel, but oh well...

I caught up with them at the end.

Comic-Con International 2011

I rushed (again) to get in the Yen Press panel, but it was full.
This time, I was too late to use my connections to get in.

Now that I write this up, it doesn't seem like I had a "busy" day...
But too much happened and I don't remember, that's all.
I was really, really tired at the end.

Comic-Con 2011 Day 1

Comic-Con International 2011!

Comic-Con International 2011

Okay, I hope I remember the events of Comic-Con because it was almost a month ago...

Not like I could talk about anything exciting,
because I did a lot of business and nothing I could write about.
But I'll just post pictures of the panels I went to.

I started the day with a low-key panel (no line, not crowded) about laws about copyright.
(Part of the Comic-Con Law School series).

It was pretty interesting.

Comic-Con International 2011

I then went to the Nick & Dreamworks panel.

Comic-Con International 2011

Comic-Con International 2011

They had various voice actors from Penguins of Madagascar.
They did live karaoke, a stage reading, etc.
It was fun!

I went to the Street Fighter x Tekken panel, but I was too far back to understand anything.

Comic-Con International 2011

Next was Kodansha USA's panel.

Comic-Con International 2011

They explained their schedule for upcoming manga,
and I realized why Love Hina was on such a tight schedule.

After the panel, I met up with a bunch of industry friends,
so we sat and talked for a bit.

We then went to CocoMoca.

Coco MoCA

Coco MoCA

We then went to the Viz party,
where I saw more industry friends.

I mingled with various people for a while,
then left because I had dinner plans with people from Japan.

We went to In-N-Out.

Dinner at In-N-Out

Dinner at In-N-Out

I was soooooo tired at the end of the day...

Small World

It's a small world here in LA and if you work in the entertainment industry.

For starters, I live in a condo with six units,
and half of the condo are people who work in the industry.

During Comic-Con, our condo is pretty quiet...

Anyway, I joined a tennis league this summer.
Just to get some singles practice,
and it was free to join because they needed more people.

I scheduled a match with someone in Encino, CA (30 minutes north from West LA).
It turned out that she worked for the SyFy channel,
and knew my neighbor's friend D who writes for Warehouse 13!

So during the match, we talked a lot about the industry and Comic-Con.

She was a great player and very nice, so I hope I can see her again.

Working at Company A (for a day) Ver. 7.6


So when I went to Aksys Games' panel at Anime Expo,
translator S told me that translator N,
who was working on Hakuoki with me, had finished translating.


She was soooo behind the last time I was at Aksys!
So...I was sitting on Hakuoki, even though I only had 300 lines left,
while I worked on other projects.
And like the turtle in the fable, she surpassed me, the rabbit.

I panicked and immediately scheduled to go into work at Aksys Games.
Although Aksys was nice about me not being done yet...
Besides, editor B wasn't nearly close to catching up.

But still, I felt bad, so I went to finish it.

And I did!

So in the end, I worked on:
-some of the common route
-some of the Hijikata route
-some of the Okita route
-some of the Saito route
-some of the Heisuke route
-maybe all? of the Harada route
-all of the secret character route
-all of the "normal" ending

To make sense of what I wrote...
The game is pretty much the same up to Chapter 3.
From Chapter 4 it branches on to whatever character you got close with.
These are called [character name] routes.

By the way, every time I played this game,
I kept getting the "normal" ending.

I really suck at these games...

My favorite was the Harada route...perhaps because I got to do all of it,
so I didn't feel anything was left out.

I like the Hijikata route the least.
But only because it was sooooo long and it was torture to finish.
Also, I was working on it under pressure to finish fast, so it wasn't as fun.

According to interviews by Aksys, the game is coming out early 2012.
AND! They have a survey asking the fans what they want to see in the limited edition.
Hurry and voice your opinion; it's only up until July 29!

Tell them what you want here!

This is an otome game, but it's not that lovey dovey,
and there's a lot of historical facts,
so it's a good game to get you interested in that era.

Yes, even guys could play this game!!

Please check it out when it comes out next year!

Anime Expo 2011 Day 3

Day 3!

I started the day meeting my sister,
Bandai Entertainment, and Sunrise at the Bandai Entertainment booth.
My sister was interpreting for interview and one panel.
Bandai Entertainment had asked me first, but I had scheduling conflicts
so I threw it to my sister.
Thanks, sis!

I met the Gundam producer at Sunrise.
Unfortunately I haven't worked on anything Gundam yet,
so I didn't have much to say other than that I worked mostly on Code Geass.

I then went to the NIS America video games panel.

Anime Expo 2011

My main contact is with their anime division, so I'm not sure why I went.
It was pretty fun, though, listening to the localization team.
As they spoke, I was comparing them to the Aksys Games localization team.
And obviously they say the same kind of things, so it's funny.
Got to love those editors...they do a great job!

I had a bit of time, so I went to go see my cosplayer/editor friend H.
While getting to where she was, I took some pictures of random cosplayers.

Anime Expo 2011

Anime Expo 2011

Anime Expo 2011

Anime Expo 2011

Anime Expo 2011

I went to the Gundam Unicorn panel next.

Anime Expo 2011

Anime Expo 2011

I went to support my friends Stephanie Sheh and Michael Sinterniklaas,
as well as my client Bandai Entertainment,
and to cheer on my sister as she interpreted.

But I had to leave early to go to the Idea Factory panel.

While in line (yes, I wait in line even if I have contacts with the panelists),
I spoke with a boy who was standing in front of me.
I was asking a bunch of questions,
like which game consoles he had, what genre of games he liked,
how many video games he bought so far this year, etc.
I hope he didn't think I was creepy...
although at the end I told him I worked in the industry.

Again, I wish I had something to give him for answering my questions.
Next year, I will remember to have stuff in my bag.

When I got inside, I went to go say hi to the Aksys Games people.
There, they told me that the AX interpreter was running late,
and if I could interpret for them.
I was ready to do it, but fortunately(?) the interpreter showed up.

Anime Expo 2011

I did get a chance to talk to the Idea Factory people though,
since I escorted them to the exhibitor hall.
(They were having an autograph session at the Aksys Games booth).

We talked about how it was their first time here in the United States,
and how they were nervous and worried if what they said at their panels were sufficient for the fans.

I thought they did a good job.
J from Aksys did a great job moderating the panel, and I think it helped them.
As expected, I mostly talked to Sugano-san.
Hirano-san was very shy and said very little, other than wanting to stop by the restroom.

After saying bye to the Idea Factory and Aksys Games people,
I met up with my sister once again and we headed for the K-ON concert.

I wanted to say hi to Stephanie before she performed, because I knew she would be nervous.
(Thanks, L from Bandai Entertainment, for letting us in early!)

Anime Expo 2011

Anime Expo 2011

Anime Expo 2011

Anime Expo 2011

The concert was fun!
But I had to leave a little before 6p to meet up with my friend F, because we were going to dinner.

After dinner, I went to the MangaGamer panel to interpret.

Anime Expo 2011
If I had time, I would have asked the people in line some questions...
I did get to ask someone who had a PSP what game he was playing.
I wanted to ask more, but I was with Fanime staffer T, so I didn't.

I forgot to take pictures of Bamboo and Tororo during the panel.
Well, we were busy figuring out things...
Tororo was on the phone with Japan...
(later he revealed that his staff wanted him to check the Da Capo site)
AX had run out of water for the panelists...
(I guess those "mini" bottles didn't work out)
The panel staff had to figure out the seating...
The MangaGamer staff had to figure out how to pass out the raffle tickets...

And all of this was happening in a really hot room.
LA Convention Center turned off the AC! Grr!
While interpreting, I had to listen, write, drink water, and fan myself.

I did take pictures of the lovely fans!

Anime Expo 2011

Anime Expo 2011

Anime Expo 2011
This is them doing the "ahegao double peace," requested by Bamboo.

Thanks to my friends F, G, and E for coming to support me!

And that's it for Anime Expo 2011!

Anime Expo 2011 Day 2

Day 2.

I started the day off hanging out with my friend at the Artist Alley.
I wasn't even helping her sell...I'm such a useless friend.

I then headed to the Aksys Games panel.

Anime Expo 2011

Anime Expo 2011
This is Ben and Bo.
Ben is one of the great editors at Aksys, and my editor on Hakuoki.
Bo is the director of production, and the guy who offers me jobs.

Anime Expo 2011

One of the announcements was Hakuoki (the other being Fate/Extra),
which is why I took a lot of pictures because I worked on it.

Anime Expo 2011
Aksys has really friendly staff, which is why they have fun-loving fans.

After the Aksys panel was the Anime News Network panel.

Anime Expo 2011

I know Chris, Egan, and Gia from before...
And I finally got to meet Justin and Zac.

They were giving out DVDs and figures for each question asked.
The goods were donated by Funimation and AAA Distribution.

Then I went to the Digital Manga panel.

Anime Expo 2011

A lot of the things mentioned was stuff I already knew from reading the Manga Bookshelf.

I had time until my next panel, so I decided to head back to the South Hall.
(All the panels are in the West Hall).

On the way back, there was a line for a panel for one of the singers.
In. The. Sun!

Anime Expo 2011

How sad!

I hope the panel was worth it for them...
I asked some guys sitting in the sun about it, but they didn't seem to be annoyed.
Or maybe they were too dehydrated to complain to me.

Later in the day I went to the Bandai Entertainment panel.

Of course, they had technical problems.
Robert, my editor, said:
"It's not a Bandai panel unless there are technical problems."

Anime Expo 2011

While they were figuring it out, my friend Stephanie got on the stage
to promote the other Bandai events going on,
like the K-ON concert and Gundam Unicorn screening.

She also got to promote We [Heart] Japan!
Thanks, Stephanie!

Bandai Entertainment didn't announce the next project I'm working on for them.
So I have to keep quiet about it for now.
Maybe at Comic-Con?

I stayed for the Gundam panel, presented by Sunrise.
I don't know anything about Gundam, even though I've worked with
Bandai Entertainment ever since I started working in the industry.
So I got to learn a lot.

Anime Expo 2011

Anime Expo 2011

Anime Expo 2011
This guy got a hat for dressing up as Zaku.
Personally delivered by yours truly.

After the panel I went to dinner with ANN staff, Otakon staff,
and Stephanie Sheh and Michael Sinterniklaas.

Cucina Rustica

I got to meet the very nice Otakon staff.
I wish I can go to Otakon again...
Maybe a client could hire me to work at their booth.

That was it for Day 2.

Anime Expo and AM2 2011 Day 1

Today I had to go to two conventions.

So in the morning I went to Anime Expo to go to the GoH panel featuring
Kenta Sugano and Katsuyuki Hirano of Idea Factory.

Anime Expo 2011

I only knew about their company because I translated one of their video games,
and I wanted to check it out.

The panel was short because of delays from the OP ceremonies, but it was interesting.

I then went to AM2.
I had to drop off We [Heart] Japan t-shirts at PVP Film Works' booth,
and I wanted to accompany my sister, who was semi-going for her work for Company BR.

I took a bunch of pictures, but they're pretty sad, so I won't put them up.
I did interview a group of kids on why they chose to come to AM2 instead of AX.
I wish I had more time to do this, because it was fun...
Maybe next year I'll pass out stickers or postcards to kids who are kind enough to answer my questions.

I had a short Day 1, because I wanted to rest.