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We [Heart] Singing for Japan

We [Heart] Singing for Japan

A few days earlier, we got an email from the Japanese station
UTB Hollywood that they wanted to film our event.

So in addition to organizing the event, I had to juggle handling communication with the TV crew.
It was pretty stressful...but!
My competent friends helped me through it!
I am a lucky person.

Anyway. Our event will be featured briefly on Saturday, July 9 at 8pm or so.
They said an online version will be available the Monday following,
so hopefully I can post that later on our We [Heart] Japan website.

The event itself was a success!
Everyone looked like they had fun.

The power went out a couple of times, but even while they were waiting for it to get fixed,
they amused themselves by singing "Stand By Me."

Here are some pictures:

We [Heart] Singing for Japan

We [Heart] Singing for Japan

We [Heart] Singing for Japan

We [Heart] Singing for Japan

Thank you to everyone who came to make this a fun night!
And please look forward to our next event!!

Anime Expo 2011 Day 0

I had to take care of a lot of things today.

I had to drop off the t-shirts and flyers for We [Heart] Japan to Image Anime,
who graciously agreed to sell our t-shirts at their booth.

One of the guys who was working for the convention was really nice
and offered me a ride on one of those golf cart-ish things.
So I didn't have to walk across the exhibit hall with my heavy Comic-Con bag full of t-shirts.

After I dropped off the t-shirts I took the opportunity to say hi to some of the people I knew.

I went to say hi to the Bandai gang...

Anime Expo 2011

No, not the K-ON girls but the actual staff (not pictured).

Then I went to say hi to Aksys Games...

Anime Expo 2011

...but they weren't there.

The MangaGamer people were also not there.

Anime Expo 2011

So I ended up with pictures of empty booths.

I also said hi to Anime Jungle, but forgot to take a picture.
It was because I spent most of the time there talking to T-san.

After leaving Anime Expo, I went to Hanaichimonme.
I was meeting my friends and We [Heart] Japan group for dinner.

But then I got a call from MangaGamer staff S-san,
so I excused myself and headed over to the hotel they were staying at.

S-san gave me my Anime Expo badge and we discussed the MangaGamer panel
I was supposed to interpret for them on Sunday for a bit,
and then I went back to my dinner.

And then it was time for We [Heart] Singing for Japan.