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We [Heart] Singing for Japan Souvenir

We Heart Japan Thumb

So I posted up a sneak peek of some artwork
I obtained from animators of GAINAX for We [Heart] Japan a while back.


Imaishi Yoko Partial

Well, it was to make postcards to give as souvenirs to thank people for coming to our events.

This is what the postcard looks like:

We Heart Japan Postcard (Yoko)

We Heart Japan Postcard (Yoko)

Designed by my amazing friend F.
It was her idea to go with printers that offered free Spot UV.
(Specified areas are glossy).

This Yoko one will be given to those who come to the We [Heart] Singing for Japan karaoke event.
It will be autographed by Stephanie Sheh and Cristina Vee, too!

So please spread the word to those who may be interested...

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