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We [Heart] Singing for Japan

We [Heart] Singing for Japan

A few days earlier, we got an email from the Japanese station
UTB Hollywood that they wanted to film our event.

So in addition to organizing the event, I had to juggle handling communication with the TV crew.
It was pretty stressful...but!
My competent friends helped me through it!
I am a lucky person.

Anyway. Our event will be featured briefly on Saturday, July 9 at 8pm or so.
They said an online version will be available the Monday following,
so hopefully I can post that later on our We [Heart] Japan website.

The event itself was a success!
Everyone looked like they had fun.

The power went out a couple of times, but even while they were waiting for it to get fixed,
they amused themselves by singing "Stand By Me."

Here are some pictures:

We [Heart] Singing for Japan

We [Heart] Singing for Japan

We [Heart] Singing for Japan

We [Heart] Singing for Japan

Thank you to everyone who came to make this a fun night!
And please look forward to our next event!!

Anime Expo 2011 Day 0

I had to take care of a lot of things today.

I had to drop off the t-shirts and flyers for We [Heart] Japan to Image Anime,
who graciously agreed to sell our t-shirts at their booth.

One of the guys who was working for the convention was really nice
and offered me a ride on one of those golf cart-ish things.
So I didn't have to walk across the exhibit hall with my heavy Comic-Con bag full of t-shirts.

After I dropped off the t-shirts I took the opportunity to say hi to some of the people I knew.

I went to say hi to the Bandai gang...

Anime Expo 2011

No, not the K-ON girls but the actual staff (not pictured).

Then I went to say hi to Aksys Games...

Anime Expo 2011

...but they weren't there.

The MangaGamer people were also not there.

Anime Expo 2011

So I ended up with pictures of empty booths.

I also said hi to Anime Jungle, but forgot to take a picture.
It was because I spent most of the time there talking to T-san.

After leaving Anime Expo, I went to Hanaichimonme.
I was meeting my friends and We [Heart] Japan group for dinner.

But then I got a call from MangaGamer staff S-san,
so I excused myself and headed over to the hotel they were staying at.

S-san gave me my Anime Expo badge and we discussed the MangaGamer panel
I was supposed to interpret for them on Sunday for a bit,
and then I went back to my dinner.

And then it was time for We [Heart] Singing for Japan.

We [Heart] Singing for Japan Souvenir

We Heart Japan Thumb

So I posted up a sneak peek of some artwork
I obtained from animators of GAINAX for We [Heart] Japan a while back.


Imaishi Yoko Partial

Well, it was to make postcards to give as souvenirs to thank people for coming to our events.

This is what the postcard looks like:

We Heart Japan Postcard (Yoko)

We Heart Japan Postcard (Yoko)

Designed by my amazing friend F.
It was her idea to go with printers that offered free Spot UV.
(Specified areas are glossy).

This Yoko one will be given to those who come to the We [Heart] Singing for Japan karaoke event.
It will be autographed by Stephanie Sheh and Cristina Vee, too!

So please spread the word to those who may be interested...

And "like" our page on Facebook!

We [Heart] Singing for Japan Announced!

We Heart Japan Thumb

We had another meeting for We [Heart] Japan, and the main topic we discussed was the
WE HEART SINGING FOR JAPAN event happening next week:

We Heart Singing for Japan (feat. Stephanie Sheh & Cristina Vee)
We Heart Japan hosts a night of fun and singing with voice actors Stephanie Sheh and Cristina Vee!

Date: June 30, 2011 (Thurs)
Time: 8:00pm – 10:00pm
Location: Max Karaoke Little Tokyo
Price: $40 per person, limit two purchases per person

RSVP at with full name, email, and phone number.
(We Heart Japan does not share your information with anyone!)

Last day to reserve will be June 28.

Q: What is included in the price?
A: You will enjoy a two-hour karaoke box session with Stephanie and Cristina where you can sing and hear others sing. You will also get a souvenir from the event, an exclusive, limited edition We Heart Japan postcard specially illustrated by Hiroyuki Imaishi (director of Gurren Lagann).

Q: Will the voice actors sing with me?
A: They are willing to sing if they know the song.

Q: Can I take pictures during the event?
A: You can take pictures, but absolutely no video/sound recording is allowed. Anyone caught recording will be asked to leave immediately.

Q: Can I ask for autographs before, during, or after the event?
A: Due to time and locations constraints, unfortunately the voice actors cannot give autographs. However, the souvenir postcards you receive will have autographs from both voice actors.

Q: Can I bring snacks and drinks to the karaoke box?
A: Yes, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks can be brought in! There are also snacks and drinks available for purchase at Max Karaoke.

Q: Who can I contact to get more information?
A: Please email us at

If this sounds interesting, please check it out!
I will be there as one of the staff members.

Love Hina - Negima Connection

Love Hina Thumb

I wrote this before, but when I first tackled the "new" translation for Love Hina,
I went on a bunch of forums to see what was liked and disliked in the TokyoPop version.

And while reading some of the topics, I found out that Motoko's kendo moves are featured in Negima.


Since Kodansha USA's Negima is released before Love Hina, I thought it was my duty to match the translated terminology used in Negima.

So I asked my editor to direct me to the translators of Negima.

And we got in touch, and the name of the moves match now!

I hope the fans notice this extra effort... :)

Please look for the LOVE I put in my translation when Love Hina Omnibus comes out later this year.

Love Hina
One of Motoko's moves.

Started Work on BLADE

Marvel Anime Blade

I got a new project to work on.
Marvel Anime's BLADE.

Unlike the X-Men I previously worked on, this is a property I know absolutely nothing about.
So of course, I researched the property first.
(I didn't go as far to watch the movie...)

I was assigned episode 2.
Which I was happy with, because episode 1 was pretty...grotesque.
I don't like hospital or surgery scenes, so even if it was only a little, I was cringing.

So Animax is streaming the first episode of BLADE on July 1 at 9:45pm (Japan time).
With live commentary from the director and the writer!!

I have to watch this.

I don't know if it would have English subtitles (I doubt it), but if you can, please check it out.
And please check the English version on G4 later this year!

Preparing for Anime Expo 2011

When I was at Fanime this year, a young man was asking me if I was working at Anime Expo last year.
I actually wasn't (I was a completely free agent), so I was telling him no.

But he was like, "But weren't you interpreting last year? You look familiar."


Then I remembered that I had interpreted the later half of the MangaGamer panel last year.

I completely forgot.

He asked me if I was interpreting for them this year.
I said they didn't ask me to, so no.

He was nice enough to say that it was too bad, because he liked me as the interpreter.
(Thank you!)

Anyway, a few days later...

It was decided that I AM going to be interpreting the MangaGamer panel.

So when I went to Aksys yesterday, instead of working on their game
I was on the internet researching MangaGamer stuff.

I looked at their forum, the details of Bamboo's live chat with the fans, etc.
So hopefully this year I would be better prepared and qualified to interpret.

If you are 18 and over, please check out the MangaGamer panel.
"Now and Future of Bishojo Games"
Sunday, July 3 @ 10:30p in LP2.

Working at Company A (for a day) Ver. 6.16

Lately I haven't been working on the video game project for Aksys Games because...well, I'm way ahead of the editor (and the other translator, hehe).
Even if I only have 700 lines left.
The only time I work on it is when I'm physically there at the Aksys office.

I decided that today would be the day I finish the project, so I went to the office to work.

But as soon as I got to the office, I had a bunch of emails regarding Anime Expo work.
So I spent most of my time at the office figuring out my schedule during that weekend,
doing research on the company and what they have been doing lately...

And I was only able to do about 400 lines of work.

By the time I realized I only had 30 minutes left at work...
(I carpooled with my friend H there, and she was driving, so I was on her schedule)
I still had about 300 lines.
It takes about an hour to do 200 lines.
(Unless I'm on an absolute deadline where I can translate crazy amounts).

So I resigned and decided to come back another day.

Oh well...

Toward the end of the day, Aksys gave me a promo item for the game I am working on!
I assume they're passing it out at Anime Expo?

So that means...they're announcing the game at Anime Expo?

They do have a panel on Saturday at 11:15am in LP3, so please check it out.
I'll be there cheering one of my favorite clients on :)

We [Heart] Japan Meeting

We Heart Japan Thumb

We had another We [Heart] Japan meeting.

The event I'm in charge of will be announced soon, so please check it out.
The venue is booked, the guests are on board, and now I just have to organize all the little things.

My other project within the WHJ is all ready to go, too.
Finalized and sent to the printers.
They're arriving next week!

A few more details to finalize and we could announce the next event!
I can't wait... :D :D :D

So please follow us on Twitter and/or become a fan on Facebook!

ReveLAtions 2011

I've never heard of ReveLAtions, or actually,
I never knew that there were things such as video game tournaments.
I found out about ReveLAtions because my client, Aksys Games, was a sponsor.

And since it was held near my house, I decided to check it out.

I dragged my friends D and J along with me.
Which was good, because they explained a lot about the games and the tournaments.

This is the main stage.
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is featured.
(I don't know what "Arcade Edition" means, but oh well).
It was really fun to watch, and I think I could have stayed to watch all night.

ReveLAtions 2011

They have commentators for the live stream.

ReveLAtions 2011

BlazBlue tournament.

ReveLAtions 2011

When I was watching BlazBlue, I ran into Mori-san, the creator of BlazBlue.
It was good that he remembered me, or I would just look creepy.

He had an interview and an autograph session.

I saw my clients, Aksys Games, earlier, so everything I meant to do was done.
But I still stayed back a bit to watch more SSFIV:AE
(this is the abbreviation for Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, I learned!)
before heading back.
I saw some professional gamers(?) from Japan play, too.

So...thanks to D and J for coming with me!
This is a picture I took at the Proud Bird (the venue) airplane museum.

Proud Bird

E3 2011 Day 3

Day 3!

I went a little past noon because I had tennis class in the morning.

I checked out the booths I missed on Monday.

Took a picture with the Wii U...

Found out that one of my favorite games, "Itadaki Street" was coming out later this year!
It's a board game similar to Monopoly (but way more fun!)
and I was actually requesting this game to some Nintendo marketing people last year at a Dragon Quest 9 event.
I don't know if my request had an effect...but at least the game is localized!
Please support this game!
Coming out on the Wii (this version was on the DS in Japan).
They changed the name to "Fortune Street."

E3 2011

I might buy it just to check out how they translated everything.

Once again, I spent a long time in the T-Mobile booth/cafe.

Berries in whipped cream in a waffle cone!
This was delicious!

E3 2011

Unfortunately I'm a Virgin Mobile customer...
($10 phone with $27/month service of 300 minutes, unlimited text and web)
Sorry T-Mobile...but your booth was great!

Sexy G4 girls!

E3 2011

Their booth was promoting the Marvel Anime: Wolverine that will air on G4 starting in July.
I didn't work on "Wolverine" but I did work on "X-Men," so please check it out.

After E3 there was a huge detour because of another bomb scare...

And I arrived at Lucky Strike at LA Live, where Digital LA was having an event.

Digital LA Event at Lucky Strike LA Live

I didn't stay long because I was meeting up with a friend for dinner,
but it was a cool venue...a private suite with its own bar and bowling lanes!

Digital LA Event at Lucky Strike

Digital LA Event at Lucky Strike

Digital LA Event at Lucky Strike

And that's it for E3 2011!

E3 2011 Day 1

I went to E3 with my writer friend H.
It was her first time, so we took a lot of pictures with the booth beauties!
(I don't want to use the term "booth babes" out of...respect, I guess).

E3 2011

I didn't do much, since I didn't have the energy to stand in line to see the PS Vita or any other cool new stuff.

I did see my friends/clients from Company S and Company BEI, among other people.

I really enjoyed the T-Mobile cafe.
This year I saw a bunch of these cafe things, but the T-Mobile one was my favorite.

E3 2011

E3 2011

E3 2011

After E3 I hung out with my friends from Company T (one an artist and one a programmer).
We went to Hanaichimonme in Little Tokyo, where I used to work.
We had delicious Japanese desserts!

I had the shiratama anmitsu.


I'll be going back on Thursday.

We [Heart] Japan Meeting

We Heart Japan Thumb

We had another We [Heart] Japan (WHJ for short) meeting.

We're planning at least two more events, hopefully one happening in the next 4 weeks, so please stay tuned.
It looks like I'm mostly in charge of coordinating the event this time around.

You can "Like" our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter (@WeHeartJapanXO),
or check out our official website at