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Fanime 2011 Day 4

Day 4...
(No exclamation point because I was dead tired).

I got up early to meet GAINAX at 9am to help them check out.
There was a minor confusion with the hotel charges, but I figured it out and GAINAX flew back to Japan.

I then went to Target to buy some items when I got a call from my friend F.
I guess Yokota-san was at the artist's alley without an interpreter.

So after I got back to the convention center I headed over to help him interpret.

I continued to interpret for him through the autograph session...
Until Ben, his interpreter came.

I was to help Yokota-san with his special auction later in the day, so I took a break to go study some of the anime titles I would have to talk about.

Unfortunately I missed the closing ceremonies because I had to prepare for the auction...

And then I couldn't take any pictures at the auction because I was MC-ing it.
(Or interpreting for the MC?)

The auction raised over $38K, so thank you to everyone who came to support the people in Japan.

And that was it for Fanime!
Once again, the staff of Fanime gave me a kind gift for helping out.

Springtime Cookies

Thank you, Fanime!
Everyone I worked with at Fanime is great.
If you haven't gone to Fanime yet, I highly recommend it!

Fanime 2011 Day 3

Day 3!

We met up early in the morning because we were told there was an interview at 9am.
Asking an animator to answer interviews at 9am in the morning sounds crazy to me.
I guess someone agreed with me, because when we went to the press area, we found out that it was canceled.

So we had a few hours to kill until the Wings of Honneamise screening.

Iida-san went back to his room to practice drawing characters for his autograph session later.
He's such a veteran, but he has to practice!?
He said that he didn't want to mess up anyone's shikishi board or anything.
Such great work ethics...

I went back to the green room to have some breakfast, and I think I met with the charity auction people and GAINAX to discuss it.
I don't really remember...

Anyway, we decided that we could put the GAINAX goods (like t-shirts and stuff) up for silent auction,
and the autographed items would be up for the live auction.

Here are some of the silent auction items.
Fanime 2011

After that was settled, we went to the main video room for the Wings of Honneamise screening.
We had some technical issues, but Fanime staff took care of it really quickly.
We also had a very kind attendee who lent us his blu-ray copy.

Iida-san hasn't seen Wings of Honneamise for a while, so he stayed to watch.
I was worried I would get sick if I stayed in the cold room, so I left.

I went to Hamamoto-san's panel for a bit, which was surprisingly empty.
Since no one was asking questions, I think I asked him which character in Evangelion he thought was easiest to draw, since Iida-san had mentioned earlier that morning that Shinji was easiest to draw.

Hamamoto-san's answer was Asuka, because Rei and Shinji tend to have serious faces and that's harder to draw accurately.

I had to leave early because the GAINAX panel was starting.

I forgot to take pictures of the panel...sorry...
I was too busy coordinating and interpreting.

I've interpreted many panels and interviews regarding Wings of Honneamise,
but Iida-san gave me new information and the panel was really fun.
He also gave a perspective about GAINAX as an outsider, and it was informative.

I had to switch out with another interpreter at 3pm to handle the charity auction with GAINAX staffer O-san.

I forgot to take pictures at the auction too, mainly because I was on stage.
I thought it was funny that Iida-san, who came after his panel ended, was watching the auction as his autograph was being sold.
Back in 2009, at Anime Expo, the GoHs (Guests of Honor) had to sit through the auction
and Nishigori-san (Gurren Lagann, IdolM@ster) and Mori-san (Guilty Gear, BlazBlue) were saying how it was torture to see a price put on their autographs.
(Even if the bids were high).


The GAINAX portion of the charity auction ended, so I left to meet up with my graphic designer friends F and B, because they were doing a panel.

It was a pretty good turnout!

Fanime 2011

Hopefully we could all do this again next year, if there is a demand.
Next year my writer friend H would be at Fanime too, so maybe we could do something with her.

Later that night was Iida-san's autograph session.

Fanime 2011

We made a bet to see if he would get any requests to draw Shinji.
He got one, but there was foul play going on (it was interpreter/driver K's friend who requested).
Out of the Evangelion characters, Asuka was the one requested most.

Iida-san was nice to finish the line, providing a sketch for everyone,
even if it meant that we had to cancel his dinner reservations.
He also added color here and there to make the autographs look nicer.

This is "sexy Kaworu."
Fanime 2011

He added color to hair and eyes, and wrote in different colors.
Fanime 2011

I had to leave the GAINAX people with K for dinner, because...

Yokota-san was having his annual(?) 18+ panel.

I ran from the Hilton to the Marriott in 5 minutes just to make it on time.

Once again, it was a fun panel.
I was sitting in the front with Watanabe-san, Yokota-san's assistant(?),
interpreting for him.

This is what Yokota-san drew when asked to draw a chained down sword-wielding maid.
Fanime 2011

And then the real thing.
Fanime 2011

During the panel, someone mentioned a title I translated many, many years ago.
"The Sagara Family!"
That was quite interesting.

I hope Yokota-san comes back next year.
And next time, the panel should be 2 hours.

Fanime 2011 Day 2

Day 2!

I met up with the GAINAX people at 10am for the Yamaga Party at 11am.
This year, the Yamaga Party went back to the old style of "meet the guests,"
which I call the "speed dating style," where each guest sits at a table
and the fans switch off every few minutes.

In fact, when Hamamoto-san asked me "what is this that we're going to right now?"
I used the term for "speed dating," and he immediately understood what he was getting himself into. Haha.

So...we had the Yamaga Party.
Even if Yamaga-san wasn't around.

I forgot to take pictures (sorry!), but I do have my translation notes.
Let's see...

Some people were soooo excited that Iida-san worked on ThunderCats (the original).
Some girls who came were 17~19 years old, and have never heard of Wings of Honneamise.

Hmm, okay, I didn't take many notes because I was trying to get out as much information as possible to the fans.

Iida-san had a lot of fun, though, and enjoyed talking to everyone.
And I really enjoyed the chocolate cake.

After the Yamaga Party Iida-san had an interview with,
which I left the other interpreter Kentaro to take care of.
I wanted to check out the Yokota panel...

And I'm glad I did!

This is Ben, the interpreter, and Yokota-san.

Fanime 2011

Yokota-san drawing a "sword-wielding girl in an eye patch" which was requested by one of the audience members.

Fanime 2011

Variations on "sword-wielding eye patch."

Fanime 2011

The next panel was Hamamoto-san's panel.

Fanime 2011

There are two interpreters, because Eric, the one with the blue hair, was "in-training" as an interpreter.
I wish I had an "in-training" interpreter with me! Hee hee.

Early stage of Hamamoto-san's drawing.

Fanime 2011

This is the finished drawing.

Fanime 2011

I forgot to get the name of the program he used...sorry.
Hopefully there will be a report somewhere else with that information.

I went to Mizushima-san's panel after, but because I was sitting so far, I couldn't hear much,
and I also didn't take any pictures.

Yoshimatsu-san had a panel later in the day.

Fanime 2011

This was a really good panel!
Yoshimatsu-san was very good with explaining design aspects.
A BIG bonus was that he would say things one sentence at a time.
I wish all Japanese guests do this! Hee hee.

Fanime 2011

Fanime 2011

This is a character he thought of after taking "design requests" from the audience.

Fanime 2011

Because the interpreter couldn't hear the audience well, some elements were mis-interpreted.
"Happy-go-lucky" turned into a "hapi coat."
(You see the character wearing it).
"Streetwise" turned into "streetfighter."
(Explains the clenched left fist).
Hee hee, it was still a good panel.

I had to leave the panel a little early to prepare for my panel.
I'll write about that in a separate post.

After my panel (and the post-panel, where I answered a bunch of questions),
I went to eat dinner with my graphic designer friend F.


That was the end of Day 2!

Fanime 2011 Day 1

Fanime 2011!

Usually I arrive on Day 0 or so,
but since I didn't want to miss my tennis class on Thursday,
this year I flew in early Friday morning.

GAINAX arrived at the convention about 30 minutes after me, so I checked them in.

We had time until the opening ceremonies, so they rested in their rooms until then.
During the free time, after catching up with the GR staff,
I went to go get lunch with one of my NorCal friends, graphic designer B and his girl.

I had a delicious Vietnamese drink/dessert.


At the opening ceremonies we explained that Yamaga-san couldn't come due to a family emergency.
So Iida-san apologized for it and said he would work twice as hard to make up for Yamaga-san's absence.

This is Yoshimatsu-san, Iida-san, and Yokota-san waiting for the opening ceremonies to start.

Fanime 2011

This is part of FLOW.

Fanime 2011

The guy with the yellow sunglasses was asked why he wears those yellow sunglasses, and he replied,
"I'm shy."

This was the only time I saw the music guests.
Yuya Matsushita was really, really skinny.

After the opening ceremonies, we had time until Iida-san's press interview, so we went around the dealer's hall.

Some pictures from that outing.

Fanime 2011

Fanime 2011

Fanime 2011

GAINAX really liked the Chuck outfit.
Fanime 2011

For dinner we went to Yankee Pier, since Iida-san wanted seafood.
This is what he got.

Yankee Pier

And that was it for Day 1!

Getting Ready for Fanime

I haven't been working much the past week or so because I've been working on Fanime stuff.
I'm doing a panel this year, so I had to make a PowerPoint presentation.
It's been a while since I touched PowerPoint...

Before, I would have a minion make them based off my outline.
She would make them look so cute.

...I couldn't make mine look so cute.

Oh well.

Here is my panel information:

Translating Anime & Manga
Saturday, May 28
7pm at Marriott Salon III

It says "translating anime and manga" only because "translating in the anime industry" didn't fit in the character limit for Fanime.
I'll be talking about translating movies, video games, and other stuff too.

Please come by and say hi!
(And please ignore how ugly my PowerPoint presentation is).

By the way, I'll be working at Fanime as GAINAX's interpreter too,
so I'll be hanging around Yamaga-san, Iida-san, and O-san (GAINAX staff).

Anime Episode In, Anime Episode Out

I got a new episode to work on today.
I already had the video, but I was waiting on the scripts, and we were waiting because of Golden Week (which was last week) in Japan.

So I got them this morning.

I was already at Company A for another "let's pretend to be normal and work at an office day."
So I emailed back my client that I would start working on it later at night.

I also mentioned that since there is so much action (battle against a monster), it should be done rather quickly.

I actually finished it in an hour or so.
Pretty efficient!

Well, what usually takes time is the formatting of the script.
Formatting the script:
1) Indicate who is talking
2) Indicate if the character is on screen or off screen...this is labeled as -blank- or OFF
3) Indicate if the character's mouth is shown (sometimes barely shown)...labeled as MNS or MBS
4) Indicate if a sound is made...labeled REAX or EFFORTS
If a character reacts to a monster that appears, I would put (scared reax).

So usually, this part takes waaaay longer.
But since I already took care of it last week, I was able to translate really fast.
By the way, my deadline per episode is usually "within two days from delivery of materials."

As for my project with Company A, I translated about 600 lines.
I also played the game about two, three times.
I had to look online for a cheat sheet to get to the ending I wanted.
Man, these games are hard.

News About "Believe in Yourself"

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
No drinking for me today...I have a ton of work to do.

I got news from Company G staff that they sold the "Believe in Yourself" charity book at the COMITIA doujin event and sold out of all 500 copies they had in 30 minutes.

They sol everything they had on hand, so not even the staff have a copy yet. Haha.

I'm supposed to get a comp copy as well, but I have to wait until they get the next batch from the printers.

I keep getting inquiries from friends about the availability of this book in the United States.

We started rolling the hopefully I can get an announcement out in the next few weeks.

Shugo Chara #10

My samples for Shugo Chara #10 arrived.

This is my first printed work for Company KC.
I was curious what they were going to do with the design.

The only thing they changed is the spine and the back.

Shugo Chara 10

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the back.

If you look carefully, the part that used to say "Del Rey" now says "Kodansha."

Shugo Chara 10 is going to be released soon!
Please check it out.

About Believe in Yourself

I've gotten some inquiries about obtaining the Gurren Lagann charity book "Believe in Yourself" outside of Japan.

We (Company G and I) are trying to figure out a way so people in the US could get this book.

When we decide on something, I'll try to let news outlets know.
Please don't try to buy it at some auction site for double-triple-whatever the amount.
I really hope people won't be reselling the book for a profit, either...
It would really be heartbreaking.

I would even go get the books and ship it out of my house myself to prevent that from happening, so...

Hopefully we can decide soon.

Working at Company A (for a day)

Today I went into Company A to work in the office.

It was a wake up, get dressed, and leave to go work.
Because usually I wake up, stay in my pajamas, and just work...
I can sleep, eat, and work whenever I want.

Anyway, I didn't have to go in, but I thought it would be nice for the editor and other translator to have me around the office.
You know, in case they had a question with something I translated.

It turns out that they both didn't.

So no one bothered me (even though I wanted them to)...
It turned out to be a productive day. Haha.

I also wanted to go see A, the president of the company, because I haven't seen him since AX2010.

I'm almost about done with the project for Company A.
6000 more lines!