One Potato Two


Additional Work on Anime

Last night I got an email with the subtitled version of the anime I recently worked on.

It took about...8 hours? To download?

So today I spent the day QC-ing.

I also got to see the finished product of the anime.
For the initial translation process, in the videos I received,
there were bits and pieces of storyboard art.
And there were no sound effects.

I hope I could mention the project name soon.

I just got an email that the English title was decided,
and that there's an English press release coming soon,
so hopefully in the next few days it will be announced.

Utau's Guardian Characters

I'm currently working on Shugo Chara #12.

The volume is broken up into four stories, featuring various Guardian members.
I was actually surprised how the stories turned out.
I guess I shouldn't be, considering this is a shojo series...

I don't want to give away details, so what I'm saying here may not make sense.

Anyway, I think it was a good ending to a shojo series.
Girls with pure hearts would like it.
Me? I'm an impure adult now, so...


So. PEACH-PIT always answers questions from readers in each volume, and in this volume one of the questions was where they got the names for Utau's Guardian Characters, El and Il.
The answer?
Well, you have to buy the manga when it comes out...but man, I wish they answered this question earlier.

Because I always got the two confused, and would double-check, triple-check to make sure I got their names right.
PEACH-PIT's answer totally makes sense and would've made it so much easier for me to remember who's who.


New Business Cards

My cell phone number changed a while ago (actually, a long time ago),
so I've been meaning to reprint my business cards.

I also got a semi-permanent Japanese cell phone number and I wanted to include that too.

I've been sitting on this task, but since I'll be visiting a certain animation studio up north,
I thought this would be a good time to finally do it.

I only meant to print 250 this time around...
But the printing company had a promotion for 500 cards.
(It was basically the same price).


I'm never going to pass out 500 cards.

The cards are coming in 2 weeks.

Thanks to my great designer friend F for the design!!

Finished Anime

I finished the anime series.

I'm not sure if I can talk about it just yet, but will be able to, soon.

I enjoyed working on this series because I got to interact directly with the producers and creators.
It's a lot of back-and-forth, but thanks to my wonderful client I got quick responses and it went quite smoothly.
(Well, I only had a few days to finish the project, so quick responses were necessary...)

I'll post links to the anime as soon as I can talk about it.

Finished 1 Episode

I finished one episode for Company V.

I put one pun in there...I wonder if people will notice?

There's a guy threatening to stuff another person inside a cannon.
And the guy says...

"I'm sure you'll have a blast."

...Not funny?

Few Projects...

Okay, so I finished Shugo Chara #11 and Code Geass Queen #3 this past weekend.

I was starting on a new series (still unannounced) when...

I got two emails from two separate clients on Tuesday morning.

It was to translate one game and one anime series.
And one episode of the game was to be turned in on Thursday.

For a while, I couldn't handle the amount of work that was about to come, so I went out and bought some manga.
(I was escaping reality)

Because right now, I have...
One game.
One anime series.
Five manga volumes.

All due in the next month and a half.

I'll probably have a deadline every other day?
The game and anime are to be turned in little by little, so...

It's going to be a busy start to 2011.
Wish me luck!

Steamed Sweet Rice Meatballs

Writing a translation note about a Japanese dish motivated me to cook.
I wanted to try new things, so I looked online for a recipe for "Niku Dango no Mochi Gome Mushi."
This translates to Steamed Meatballs Covered with Sweet Rice.
They have it at dim sum, where they serve shrimp balls.
They look like this:

888 Seafood

I found a recipe and it looked pretty easy.

So I tried it out and it came out like this:

Pearl Balls

My meatballs were a mix of shrimp and pork.