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My Friend's Big Fat Geek Wedding

I was surprised to see my friend's wedding make the news at Anime News Network.

There's one error though...

When I went to dinner with J this past weekend, he insisted it was a ROBOTECH cake and not MACROSS.
So you know how much he flipped when I told him that I thought it was a Gundam cake...

Anyway, here are some pictures of my own of the cake.

The cake arrives.
Jerry's Wedding

Everyone taking pictures of the cake.
You'll notice that J brought in lights specifically for the cake.
Jerry's Wedding

I didn't understand the figures in the front until J explained it to me over dinner.
Jerry's Wedding

Copyright infringement troubles?
S from with the cake.
Jerry's Wedding
(I made the image small because I was too lazy to blur out S's face).

At the wedding, a few of the tables were industry-related.
Of course, a bunch of people missed the wedding because of NYAF/NYCC.
A bunch of Company BEI people (like my editor R, president Mr. I, etc) were not there.
And voice actress Stephanie Sheh was also gone...she was doing an anime concert for Company BEI.

Congratulations J & K!!

Semi-Annual NorCal Trip! Day 3

Day 3!

Today was APE day.

I headed over to the Concourse and met up with graphic designer friend B and his friend.

This was my first time at APE.
It was pretty interesting.
J called it a glorified artist's alley, and I guess that's the right description.

I took some pictures.

APE 2010

APE 2010

APE 2010

APE 2010

Overall, it was an interesting experience.
I couldn't stay much because I had to fly out that night.

And that is the end of my short-and-sweet trip to NorCal.

Semi-Annual NorCal Trip! Day 2

Day 2!

Since F was busy preparing for APE, I chose to stay and help.
I made buttons all day.
You can get one for free at her table at various conventions.

At night, I headed over to the San Jose area to stay with my friend H.

It was a pretty uneventful day in writing, so I'll make up for it with some pictures of food.
It was mostly a day of catching up with my friends.



Semi-Annual NorCal Trip! Day 1

My friend had a table at APE this year, so I decided to go and support her (I really didn't do much).
It was also a chance to see a bunch of my friends up north, like my best friend from high school.

So up north I go...
But I had scheduling issues because of tennis.
I had tennis class on Thursday morning, and a doubles match on Sunday.
So I ended up with a pretty hectic itinerary.

Day 1!

It's been a while since I flew into SFO.
So it was my first time on the Air Train there.
I really wish LAX would do something similar.

Anyway, I got my rental car and drove to Fisherman's Wharf.
Fisherman's Wharf
It was my first time going in the evening.
I got some Dungeness crab and ate some in the car.
I had to save my appetite because I had dinner plans with Company S employee J and his new wife.

They took me to a local Chinese restaurant.
Their most popular dish?
Fried chicken wings!

San Tung Chinese Restaurant

We talked about some industry stuff as well as catching up.
And his awesome wedding (see later post).

After dinner we went to a mini-mart that sold Japanese things...and also, crepe!

I got a cheesecake and blueberry sauce crepe...
It was rich... And will go straight to my thighs.

Thanks for a fun night, J and K!
Oh, and J gave me a gift!
He knew I played Valkyria Chronicles, so he gave me the PSP version!!
Thanks x2!!

After saying goodbye I went to my graphic designer friend F's house, because she graciously offered to let me stay.

Translation of a Self-Published BL Novel on Kindle

My friend pointed me to a news item on Anime News Network.

Mariko Hihara self-publishes BL Novel in US on Kindle

And to the comments by those who bought it.

"...the translation seriously needs to be done more professionally."
-sunflower, ANN user

The user gives more details, so please read the comment if you're interested.

Anyway, it got me curious.
So I went to the author's website to see if there was information on who translated it.

It looks like she used a translation software (!!!!!!!) and asked her older sister(s) to "clean it up" for her.
She has two older sisters who graduated from universities in the U.S.

This is the explanation for the translation...
Let's all hope she does something else for future self-published work.

Hm. Maybe this author could hire me instead.
Haha :D