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Dragon Quest 9 Party

Watching my friend play Dragon Quest 9 in English made me want to get it too.
I already passed the Japanese one, but unfortunately I couldn't play with my friends who got the English version.
So I bought one...convinced my sister to buy it too (I think I paid for it)...
And convinced a bunch of my geeky friends to buy it too, so we can all play together.

Then, I gathered all of these friends and threw a Dragon Quest Party.

Basically, it was just hanging out at my house playing video games. Such nerds.
But it was fun!

I cooked for my friends with the help of my mother and two foodie friends.
We made chicken curry and pork (not beef) bowl.

I forgot to take a picture of the curry, but here's a picture of the pork bowl:
Pork Bowl

To protect the privacy of my friends, I can't post pictures of them.

Instead, here's a picture comparing the package designs of the English and Japanese versions of the game.
Dragon Quest 9

It's interesting that the Japanese one is made to look "cute" and the US version is made to look "cool."

If anyone would like to quest with me at an upcoming convention, let me know!
I'm planning to go to APE in San Francisco in October.
And, this is not a convention, but...industry friend J's wedding (employed at game company S).


Oops, I've been ignoring this blog for more than a month.

After Comic-Con I was immediately busy volunteering at a tennis tournament.
The perks? I got to drive some pretty cool Mercedes.

Then, I got a secret job that I can't mention yet...

While finishing up Code Geass Queen 2.

So I've been pretty busy...

I've also been busy playing Dragon Quest 9, which I'll discuss in my next post.