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Comic-Con International 2010 Day 4

Day 4!
I was so tired, I took my time to check out of the hotel and head to Comic-Con.

Actually, I didn't do panels for the day.

Took pictures with friends and family.

Since it was Sunday (Kid's Day), there were a lot of kids.
I really wish Comic-Con had a designated place for cosplayers to hang out.
So parents with kids could go to that place and take pictures like they do at Disneyland.

For dinner, on the way back, I went to the Fish Market.
Their bread was really good.

The Fish Market

The food was a bit bland, but the side with the cherry tomatoes were good.

The Fish Market

Overall, I had a lot of fun at Comic-Con.
I always do.
Their staff and organizers are professional and great.
Even their volunteers are the best...
This is the one convention I could see almost all of my clients and industry friends.

I'll see you next year, Comic-Con!

Comic-Con International 2010 Day 3

Day 3...sorry for the slow update.
(Been busy with Farmer's Classic volunteering and work).

I was planning to go to the "Comics in the Library" panel, but as I was passing by Room 6A, I noticed that there was space.
(Room 6A was scheduled to have "The Event" panel at 11:15.


This was my only chance to see Blair Underwood in person, so I jumped in.
It was still the Spongebob Squarepants panel, but I got a decent seat.
I enjoyed watching little children asking questions to the panel.
They're so pure and cute!

As soon as the Spongebob panel ended, I rushed toward the front to get a good seat...
And secured one 5-6 rows from the stage!

The panel was mainly the world premier of the pilot of "The Event."
I've been hating NBC ever since the Tonight Show thing, but after seeing that Blair Underwood stars in it, I was hooked.
Not only that, but Ian Anthony Dale, a semi-regular customer at the restaurant my mother works at, is in it too.
Actually, my mother originally told me about this "kakkoii onii-chan."
She told me to Google him, and when I first saw pictures of him ("Tekken" movie promo pictures), I was like..."Kakkoii? Really?"

But after watching the pilot and seeing him in person (smiling...he never smiles in his roles), call me a fan.

Comic-Con International 2010

Comic-Con International 2010

I know this has nothing to do with my work, but please check out The Event!

Then I went to The Write Stuff, a panel featuring TV writers.

Comic-Con International 2010

Writers for Lost, Alias, Castle, Firefly, Criminal Minds, etc were there.

It was entertaining. I recommend it for aspiring screenwriters.
I saw my neighbor's friend D at the panel.
D is a writer for SyFy's Warehouse 13, so please check that out.

After the panel, I went to the exhibit hall to meet with my friend S.
He brought his DS to get a map from Nintendo, and to "canvass" other people.
It's all part of the online stuff Dragon Quest 9 is about.
After watching him play, I decided to get Dragon Quest 9 in English.
I passed the Japanese one a year ago, but since I live here in the US, I didn't get to enjoy the online stuff.

Since I never get to hang out with S, we got to talk a lot.

I think I went home around 6pm, since I was soooo tired.
I stayed in the hotel and ate takeout pho, which was pretty salty.

Pho Point Loma & Grill

The noodles and "rare" meat. Soup came separately.

This is the stuff I collected for the day:

Comic-Con International 2010

Comic-Con International 2010

Comic-Con International 2010

I also got to watch some fireworks from my hotel hallway.
It's from SeaWorld, I think.

Mission Plaza Hotel & Suites

Comic-Con International 2010 Day 2

Day 2 of CCI!
Or Comic-Con, as normal people call it...

Unfortunately, I was late, so I missed the panel Dallas (Company DR) was in.
So I headed to the exhibit hall to talk to people and stuff.

Here are some pictures.

Comic-Con International 2010

Comic-Con International 2010

Viz Media had a photo booth going on.
This day, it was Vampire Knight.

Comic-Con International 2010

The vampires? (Are they vampires?) from Vampire Knight.
Sorry, I don't follow the series at all.

Comic-Con International 2010

I thought it was funny that he was wearing no pants.
And his face was funny...

Comic-Con International 2010

And this is me being goofy.
Sorry, Funimation booth.

Comic-Con International 2010

I also got some free stuff.

DSComic-Con International 2010

After a while, I got tired fighting the crowd.
So I went upstairs to the panel rooms area to rest.
Since there was space in the "Neighbors from Hell" panel, I decided to go.
Just to see Molly Shannon.

Comic-Con International 2010

I was actually lucky enough to receive a t-shirt from the previous panel:

Comic-Con International 2010

Bob's Burgers.
They only had it in XL, so I'm giving it to my brother-in-law.

Anyway, back to Neighbors from Hell.
I didn't think it was great, so I don't think I'll follow it.

But I thought Molly Shannon was really pretty.

Comic-Con International 2010

Comic-Con International 2010

And the other voice actors were funny in person.

Company YP's panel was next.

Comic-Con International 2010

They had a couple of announcements, but they are not projects I work on, so I'll skip them.
I was surprised how short the panel was!
They finished after 30 minutes.

I then went to Comics Design, where designers and artists showed designs and talked about them.
It was really interesting!

Comic-Con International 2010

I hope they do this again, since they ran out of time and a lot of people in the room were "squatters" waiting for the Pixar panel that was next.
The guy who was sitting next to me was sleeping!
Sitting in the front row!

Sigh. If you're going to sleep, please sit in the BACK row.

After the panel, I bumped into M from Viz Media, who I just met at Anime Expo.
We talked for a bit. She is really fun.

I went back to the exhibit hall to meet up with my sister, who was with Stephanie Sheh.
After walking around for a bit, we went to go have a late afternoon snack, later joined by S of

We had a horrible waitress there, which was unfortunate, but otherwise we had fun.

At night I went to the Company YP party.
I got to catch up with E from Vertical, who I haven't seen for years.

A lot of my industry acquaintances were there and we got to meet and catch up.
Thanks for a great party, Company YP!

Comic-Con International 2010 Day 1

I arrived at Comic-Con International (CCI for short) at around 3pm.

I first went to pick up my badge.
Since it was right smack in the middle of the day, there was no line.
The staff, as always, were very nice and efficient.
I LOVE CCI for this reason. The staff and volunteers are the best ever.

After I got my badge, I headed to the exhibit hall to look for Capcom.
I had promised someone (D from Fanime staff) that I'll try to get the Street Fighter vs TokiDoki t-shirt for her.
Unfortunately, it took me forever to get to the booth, and it was sold out.
I guess they only made 400...
Someone in production/marketing/whatever did not know the sales numbers for Comic-Con exclusives, it seems...

Anyway, I walked around some more.
I happened to pass by the CBS booth during a signing by the "Big Bang Theory" cast.
I don't know his name, but here is one of the nerds in the show:

Comic-Con International 2010

Sorry it's blurry.

I also visited Sony Online Entertainment, since they were promoting PlayStation Move.

Comic-Con International 2010

It looks fun, but I think having a Wii is good enough for now...

I also checked out the Sony 3D TV, which was awesome.
I missed the chance to take a picture, so hopefully I can do it tomorrow.

The Castle Crashers booth had a bunch of cute stuff!
I took a picture to try to decide which t-shirt to buy.
I was going to buy the black one, but my brother-in-law already owns it.

I'm deciding between the white object or the gray shirt with the parts.

Comic-Con International 2010

Any suggestions?

At the Square Enix booth, I spoke with a nice girl who explained the online manga streaming.
I think it's a cool idea.

Here's a picture of the banner for the manga.

Comic-Con International 2010

I also bumped into my future husband at the DC Universe Online section.

Comic-Con International 2010

I tried asking questions to the guy in the left with glasses and curly hair,
but he didn't really talk to me. Perhaps I didn't look like I would play the game.
He was right...

My last stop was the Nintendo booth, since they are promoting Dragon Quest 9.
(Please buy it and support it! I need DQ9 to be popular in the US)
I spent a good 30 minutes wasting a Nintendo guy's time talking about DQ9.
This is a picture of me and Gil, the Nintendo guy.

Satsuki & Gil at Nintendo Booth

I'm the one in the red. I'm also holding Gil's DSi XL.

You can bring your game to download a Comic-Con exclusive(?) map!
Unfortunately, I only have the Japanese game right now, so I can't get it.
After talking to Gil, though, I'll buy the English version.
Even though I played the Japanese version over 99:99:99 hours, minutes, and seconds (I went over the limit).

I then left the exhibit hall to go to some panels.
I missed a few already...

I went to Girl Geeks Exist, but it was full.
So instead I went to the Lost in Translation panel.

Comic-Con International 2010

Comic-Con International 2010

Comic-Con International 2010

It was toward the end, but I did catch a few things.
Someone asked about scanlation sites and emphasized that it hurts the industry, so please buy the manga.
I totally agree.

I would especially like it if you buy manga from my clients.

Then I stayed for the Company BEI panel.
I sat with Gia from ANN. Her report.

They had three new announcements. Wow.
But they all have nothing to do with my work.

Comic-Con International 2010

Loy and Taku.

Comic-Con International 2010

Mr. Iyadomi.

Comic-Con International 2010

My main contact, Robert.

Oh, they announced Turn A Gundam, which is famous for the Gundam designs(?) by Syd Mead (BladeRunner guy?)
My sister once translated an interview for a Japanese press a long time ago, which is the only reason I know about Turn A Gundam.

I was going to go to another panel, but it was freezing in the room and I was getting a headache, so I went home.

Day 2, Friday, is my busiest day...I should sleep!

Queen's Blade Book Samples

Guess what came in the mail today!

Hobby Japan Box

Hint: It's on the title of this blog entry!

My Queen's Blade samples came.

Queen's Blade Samples

I only translated 4 pages per book, so I can't take all the credit.
I wonder who translated the moves of the characters?

They look really nice.
I call Nanael the "panty shot" girl because almost all of her illustrations show her polka dot underwear.

I have yet to find out how they are distributing these books in the US.
I'll ask, so please let me know if you're interested...

Bare Necessities

The other day I went to a BBQ hosted by the men of my mixed doubles team.

We had it at P's house, a nice-looking condo in Playa Vista, right across from EA Games.
P had just moved in...he said March, which, considering that it's July now, is not "just moved in," but P has been busy working on TRON: Legacy.

Just like me, P is a guy who loves tennis who works in the entertainment industry.

So just as expected, almost NOTHING in his house was unpacked...
except for...

1) a 55" TV, mounted above the fireplace.
2) a Wii
3) a PS3
4) an Xbox 360
5) his computer (plus two monitors, since he's a CG animator)

Obvious necessities. I totally understand.

Here are some pictures of the BBQ.

Picanha BBQ 2010
We had 5 pieces of these chunks of Picanha beef.
P's hand is there to show how big it is.

Picanha BBQ 2010

Picanha BBQ 2010

My Mother's Shirts

Today, my mother, my sister, and I decided to go to a Korean spa to get a body scrub.
It's called "akasuri" in Japanese.
"Aka" is, in this case, not "red" but actually "scurf."
Dead skin.
To "suru" is to "scrub," so these Korean ladies scrub off the dead skin.
You end up with soft, smooth skin!

I know some celebrities do it too...I remember someone mentioning it on Conan's Tonight Show.

My mom shows up in a "Nyo" shirt from Di Gi Charat...
This is the one with a stretched out face of Dejiko worn by the fat guy in the show.
Company B gave it for free with the purchase of a DVD.
The one my mother was wearing was a sample that I received.
(I'm listed as a...producer in the show? I think?)

It was a bit embarrassing, but also funny.

After the spa, she changed into a new shirt...
A Meltdown shirt.

I don't know where she got that shirt (probably from my sister?).

I wish she would consider the content of a t-shirt before wearing one.
Well, I guess I should be glad that it's not a t-shirt that says I [heart] Yaoi or something.
(I don't have that shirt anyway, and no, I don't want one either...)

Cell Phone Picture

My sister got a new cell phone.
It's a Kyocera Loft, that looks like a BlackBerry.

It's one of those phones that you can assign a picture and a ring tone.
Since I was sickly with the food poisoning and all, my sister took a picture of one of my next assignments that was on the table nearby.

...She took a picture of Lelouch and Rolo cooking on the cover of Code Geass Knights #4.

Not only do I look otaku when I call her, I'll look fujoshi...

Here is the stack of books Company BEI gave me at AX.
It was a bit embarrassing walking the long hallway with it.

Code Geass Anthology

Post-Anime Expo 2010 Outing

After helping out with the panel on Saturday, the president of Company C asked me to take them out the day after AX.

So I met up with them on Monday morning at their hotel.
It was packed with Japanese guests rushing out to go to LAX.
I was glad I got to say goodbye to Bamboo from OverDrive and I-san from Company C.

Today I was taking a group of five out to go shopping.
Aina Kase, rino, Yuka Kayura, tororo, and Kato-san from...actually, I don't know which company he's from.

We first went to go eat breakfast.
tororo suggested we go eat pho (Japanese people pronounce it "foe" so I didn't understand him at first...I grew up with Vietnamese friends, so I pronounce it the correct way), so we headed to my hometown, Monterey Park.
We went to Noodle City which is right by the high school I attended.

I had already eaten toast in the morning, so I didn't want to order a large bowl of pho.
Instead, I had some shrimp rolls.

Noodle City

The three girls had the house special pho, which was HUGE!
tororo filled his bowl with spicy sauce that turned his soup red.
It looked pretty spicy...

After that, we headed to Ontario Mills for some serious shopping.

Ontario Mills

We found a store filled with cute dresses, so Kase-san had a fun time trying a bunch on.
She bought two. She looked so cute in them!!
Maybe she'll wear them at a concert...she may alter the skirt to make them shorter.
She LOVES zettai ryouiki, after all.

rino bought two bags here. They were the same bag, just different colors.
She said one was for her, and one was for yozuca*.
How cuuuuuuuute!!
She's such a sweetie.

We then went to Coach. It was packed!!
They even closed the doors and had a line waiting to let people inside.
Despite the crowd and the long wait, they were really satisfied, so all is well.

Their request for lunch was Mexican food.
So we went to Chevy's.
I personally would not call Chevy's a Mexican food place, but since it was their first time eating Mexican food, I figured a chain restaurant with a menu filled with pictures would be a good place for them to start.
I did explain that it was Tex-Mex, but they didn't understand the difference...

We ordered way too much.

Since Kase-san can't eat any spicy food, she got nachos.

It was tough trying to find something not spicy.
In addition, she said she couldn't eat avocado.

tororo commented that it was wrong for her to come to a Mexican restaurant. Hee hee.

rino got some type of fajita plate, and the size of the food was bigger than her.
Obviously, none of us finished our food...well, except for the two men.

But we still got dessert!


Since I know for a fact that they don't have S'mores in Japan, I suggested this dessert.
It was way too sweet for rino, but the other girls liked it.

We then headed out to Venice Beach.

HOWEVER, I got food poisoning from my lunch at Chevy's (luckily, I was the only one), so I hardly took any pictures...sorry.
And I don't remember much of what we did.

I had to switch with my sister to take over for the rest of their trip.

I was able to go to their hotel to pick up my sister later in the night to say goodbye, though.
Hopefully I can see them again when I go visit Japan in September.

Anime Expo 2010 Day 3

My last day at Anime Expo.

I woke up early to watch the Wimbledon final (womens) at 6am.
Lucky for was over in an hour.
So I got to go back to sleep.

I woke up around 10am and got ready for Anime Expo.
I knew I had to stay late today (11pm) so I purposely wanted to go later in the day.
It's too bad I missed Company A's panel...

I arrived at around 2pm, and went to Company HJ to offer to help out with their panel.
Like carrying stuff to the panel, since I thought they would be displaying a bunch of the Queen's Blade books.

It turns out that they didn't need my help much, other than escorting them to the room.
Oh, I was also holding the Nanael figure.

Queen's Blade Nanael Figure

We arrived at the panel room, and asked the tech guys for help.
They were so helpful!
I'm lucky that I always have very nice convention tech people to work with.

They even lent a laptop to Company HJ, since their laptop was running out of batteries!
(Fortunately, the PowerPoint was in a flash drive).

I offered to interpret, but they already had Mika-san from Company MF to do it.

So I just sat in the front with Gia from ANN.
(A big thank you to Gia for covering the panel after I asked! Her article is here).

Anime Expo 2010

Anime Expo 2010

The PowerPoint was great because there were summaries in English on the slides.
So I think more people were reading than listening? Hee hee.

I was hoping they would talk more about the newly released Queen's Blade books.
Like, how they are printed in Japan, so the print quality is great.
Or how they were able to keep the same MSRP as Japan at $16.
I hope they keep it like this and not license it out...fingers crossed...

I didn't get a sample yet, but maybe I'll introduce the books more when I do.

Anime Expo 2010

Here is a fan asking a question.

At the end of the panel, I helped a little bit by moderating the rock-paper-scissor game.
They gave away an autographed illustration shikishi in color, as well as a set of Queen's Blade mini figures.

I also liked how they asked for requests on which Queen's Blade characters they wanted next.
Some people shouted Airi, which I agree.
Only because I know Takamura-san.

After the panel I peeked in the Konishi panel.
It was full! They were turning people away.
I wish they had arranged for that panel to be in Live Programming 1 instead of the smaller Live Programming 2, since LP1 was available after 3:30.

Anyway, the AC wasn't working, so I left without saying hi to my client...Sorry.
But I did report to Company BEI how excited all the fans were!

Then I went to the dealer's room to talk to my clients.

I spoke with the president of Company BEI about some stuff, then the marketing guy/my editor...

I also went to go say hi to the president of Company A.

Then I said my goodbyes to other clients, such as Company HJ and Company BR.
Hopefully I can see them again at Tokyo Game Show later this year.

Then I rushed to the Artist Panel to meet with my friend F for dinner.
I was surprised to see that it was only Toshihiro Kawamoto there.
I guess I was expecting the manga artist of Black Lagoon to be there too.

Anyway, we went to dinner in Korea Town.
It was sort of an industry people dinner?
People from Company T and Company V + other people.
It was a lot of fun.

I rushed back to the convention center (Thank you F for driving!!) for the "Now and Future of Bishojo Games" panel.

Company MG is not a client of mine, but Company C (who was participating) is, so I went for moral support.

Um, it turned out to be more support than that...

Please click for more if you're interested.

Read the rest of entry“Anime Expo 2010 Day 3”

Anime Expo 2010 Day 2

Today, before I went to the panels, I stopped by the dealer's hall to drop off some stuff for my clients.
And to say hi.

I dropped some signs and a clip board for Company BR, stopped by Company HJ to tell them that I got ANN to attend their panel, etc.

Luckily I got in with an Exhibitor badge (Thank you RK & RN!), so my pictures are crowd-free.

Anime Expo 2010

Anime Expo 2010

Anime Expo 2010

After that, I rushed to the Geneon Universal panel.

Anime Expo 2010

I think a lot of people were confused (based on the questions they were asking) that this was Geneon USA.
Someone even asked, "Are you back?" and due to a misunderstanding in translation, they said, "Yes, we're back."
Technically, I don't think they're "back" but oh well...
I hope people figure it out soon enough.

Here is a picture of people asking the questions.
They got a freebie (a bag?) for asking!

Anime Expo 2010

Then I went to the TokyoPop panel.
I haven't done work for them lately, but I still consider them a client.

Anime Expo 2010

They also showcased something I worked on a LONG time ago.
Baseball Heaven!
I should have taken a picture of the slide, since the Amazon listing has no image...
I'm sorry.
It's released by the Blu imprint, so please look for it in bookstores starting October 12, 2010!

I was going to stay for the JET program panel, but since they cleared the room, I decided to leave and go to the Kitamura (a voice actress for ToraDora!)/NIS America panel to hang out with my friend.

An acquaintance was interpreting, but I didn't get to say hi.

Anime Expo 2010

After the panel I had some time, so I went to look for my cosplayer friend who also copy-edits for me.
She was dressed as a "Gundam Pilot," but unfortunately I didn't know what that looked like...

So when I saw someone that resembled my friend, I grabbed one of the pilots (the green one) and asked,
"Hi, are you a Gundam pilot?"
"Is that my friend H?"

And that is how I found my friend.

But it's really hard to tell, since 95% of her face is covered.

Anime Expo 2010
My friend is the orange one.
(Sorry I don't know their names! If Company BEI gives me work regarding this title, I'll learn the names...)

I then went to the Danny Choo panel to hang out with my friends.
It was quite interesting. And informative, since I knew nothing about this guy.

We tried to stay for the Horie/NIS America panel, but since there was a long line waiting for it, we got kicked out.
We still got to go in, but then discovered later that it wasn't worth it...
I won't get into the details.
I'm not bitter about it or anything, but I just felt bad for all the fans who waited in line.

My friend and I then headed to the Eden of the East panel.

Anime Expo 2010

The producer was doodling? Writing? the entire time. Hee hee.

After this panel I said my goodbyes to Company FCC's S-san and Company PIG's T-san, and went home.

I was going to go to the Aniplex panel but was way too tired and hungry.

Tomorrow I'll watch Wimbledon at 6am and head out to AX a little later.
I'll probably go just in time for the Company HJ panel.

If you see me there, please say hi!
And check out the Queen's Blade books!!
Lots of panty, panties that are leaves...
Did I get your attention now?

Anime Expo 2010 Day 1

After playing tennis in the morning, and watching delayed tennis on TV, I headed out to Anime Expo 2010.

I first went to Company BEI's industry panel.

Anime Expo 2010

They showed a bunch of Haruhi stuff that I didn't understand.
I was sitting with Stephanie Sheh, the voice actress for Mikuru, so I should have asked her what was going on...but oh well.

They later introduced her as the voice actress of the main girl in Gundam UC.
She had an autograph thing at the Company BEI booth later.

I didn't go because I was at a different panel, but someone else took a picture for me.

Anime Expo 2010

She's really friendly.

I then went to the Eden of the East panel.
I was really far back, so I couldn't take pictures.

After the panel I went to talk to a few industry people I know, but it was really brief because they had an autograph session to go to.
I stayed for the next panel.

When I was looking for a seat in the front, I saw this:

Anime Expo 2010

So remember my previous comment about AX being like an airline?
This is class?
You pay like $100+ to bypass lines and have reserved seating in the front of the panel.
That's crazy.
But maybe Comic-Con could do something like that.

I sat with Gia from ANN for this panel, so please look for her report on that panel...

I left a little bit early to rush to the Exhibitor Hall to go say hi to my clients.

The most important was Company HJ, my newest client.
And they brought the combat visual books I translated.
Fresh off the press. They had to bring it with their luggage...

Hobby Japan Alleyne


And this is only $16!! What a good price!
Please go buy it!

I translated Alleyne, Nanael, Tomoe, and Melona.
I believe the artist for Nanael is an industry guest, so it's a perfect thing to buy to get autographed.

Also, Company HJ has a panel that was determined last minute.
It's on Saturday, July 3 at 2:30pm @ LP1 (Petree Hall).
It says that you can win prizes...figure fans should definitely check it out.

After saying hello to Company HJ, I went to Company BR and Company C (18+) to say hi.
Then I went to go see Company BEI, but bumped into former Company G marketing guy, S, instead.
So we talked a bit.

After that I went home.
Tomorrow I'll be skipping Wimbledon coverage to go to a panel starting at 10am.
It better be worth it...