One Potato Two


Getting Ready for AX 2010

This year is the first time in...8 years? That I am going to AX and not working.
So I will have all the time in the world to check out panels and booths.

I will miss interpreting interesting panels and taking guests out to In-N-Out, but I will get to hang out with industry friends.

I'm also meeting up with my clients, too, so technically I will be "working," but it won't take up all of my time and then some.

If anyone wants to hang out at AX, email!

AX is Like an Airline

I was looking at the AX website and looking at the various events and services they offer.

It's nice that they have shuttles, but they charge for it, don't they?
And I guess it was like this from before, but they charge per concert and stuff.

It reminded me of the recent trends with airlines, of how they charge for extra bags, and even blankets or peanuts.

This year I'm not working for anyone in particular, so I might go just for fun.
Okay, even as I type this now I'm sure I won't drive ALL THE WAY to downtown for it.
(Just to let people know, I barely live 15 minutes away...)
Besides, Wimbledon is, as always, on the same weekend, so I might be at home watching that.

I might go at night to have dinner with clients, I don't know.

Cigarette Kisses? Really?

Cigarette Kisses is available on Kindle.

I'm sad that they kept the lesser appealing cover and logo design, but at least it's out.

If you're one of the few who has a Kindle, please check it out.
(I don't know ANYONE who owns a Kindle...sorry Amazon).

Ready for Comic-Con

It's still over a month away, but my preparations for Comic-Con is complete now.

I couldn't get the hotel I usually stay at this year, and since we have a small child coming with us, we got a hotel much farther away.
Of course, I was able to do that because of the prepaid parking.
Is anyone else trying it?

I have tennis on Thursday morning so I'm going after that, and hopefully staying until Sunday.
I might have another tennis thing to go to, so I might have to skip Sunday, but we'll see.

I'm done with all my deadlines for now, except for the occasional tweaks and back-to-forth with my new client, Company HJ.

I haven't done my laundry from the trip to San Jose.
And I guess I could clean my house.
So I'll be doing that this week.
And watching the NBA finals, of course.