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Finished Shugo Chara #9

I finished Shugo Chara #9.

It looks like the next volume is going to be the last.
Which makes sense, because Amu only has 10 fingers and she can't show higher numbers on the cover.

Earlier this month, my new niece-in-law came to visit.
She was a big fan of Kitchen Princess, and when I gave her the last volume of Kitchen Princess, she was sad that it was over.
So I lent her Shugo Chara, hoping she would read those next.

I don't know if she did...

There are new Character Transformations in volume 9, so please look forward to it.

Ghost Hunt #11 is Coming!

I was happy to see that Ghost Hunt #11 was just released on the 6th in Japan.
I can't wait to receive it from Company DR to work on it!

I've been watching Ghost Hunt the anime on whenever I didn't want to work.
I enjoyed it a lot, since I didn't work on most of the series.
(I only started working on it from volume 9).

So there is a special limited edition for volume 11.
It comes with a drama CD where the voice actors from the anime act out the last arc, the Forgotten Children.
It's almost 60 minutes long.

I thought that was pretty cool, since the anime series never resolved anything.
It's just too bad for US audiences because I doubt the drama CD will make it to the US...
This is why, for people who only saw the anime, should buy the manga series! Yeah!

Oh, I got Ghost Hunt #10 in the mail the other day, so that should be out soon.
It's pretty creepy, so please check it out.

Finished Yozakura Quartet #6

I finished Yozakura Quartet #6.

The author mentions something about the cover.
I put it in the translation notes, but volume 6 was released in two formats.
One was a limited edition with a different cover (Rin) and came with a CD.

A drama CD, I think.
It also came with the town song.

I doubt that version would be released in the US, so sorry, folks...

On a positive note, the volume had an extra chapter or two.
It was a fat book.
Not sure how the company will deal with the price point, but please check it out!
(And please buy the book...not read somewhere online!!!)