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Fanime 2009 Day 4

Nothing really special happened.

We closed our booth early and rested in the hotel.
Watched Lakers play horribly.

For dinner I went out with the GAINAX people since I hardly talked to them throughout the weekend.

We went to a Thai restaurant.

We ordered the food to be "spicy."
I guess the Japanese people were expecting "spicy" in a Japanese sense.
They got "Thai spicy."

And with that, Fanime 2009 was officially over.

Fanime 2009 Day 3

The person I took a picture of cosplaying as Amu yesterday came by the booth to get my "autograph."
I really disagree ruining someone's book, but she insisted...

We took pictures together.

I went to see part of the Gurren documentary.
It was funny.

There was a Q&A panel afterward, but I didn't stay for the whole thing.

Fanime 2009
GAINAX staff and Yamaga-san.

At night, I went to the Yamaga-san party (formerly called "Meet GAINAX Party") to eat.
I forgot to take pictures, but the food was sad.
Especially for me who was expecting food like last year's party.

There were cheese pizza, corn dogs, popcorn, Cracker Jacks, and brownies.

At the end of the party I met up with Reuben Langdon, one of the Fanime guests.
I met him like 2 years ago? and haven't seen him since, so it was cool.

We were talking about his auction/charity thing (winning bidder got to play Street Fighter against him and get a recorded message on voice mail) and he offered to record something for my voice mail too.

So if you know my cell phone number and get the "busy" recording, you can hear Ken Masters.

Fanime 2009 Day 2

I took a bunch of pictures today.
Saw many Amu-chan's from Shugo Chara!

Fanime 2009

Fanime 2009
With Yaya.

Fanime 2009
With Nadeshiko?

Fanime 2009

Fanime 2009
The boy is not a friend of this girl, but he wanted to be in the picture, I guess.
I didn't see many Amulet Hearts or any other shapes.

Later that night I went to the Left 4 Dead tournament to look for new friends.
I had so much fun, but only ended up with one friend so far.

Fanime 2009 Day 1

This day I went to Company V to visit my friend.
This is the view of the building.

Viz Media

I got a brief tour, and then we went to lunch.

Then I headed back to Fanime.

I saw my friend J, formerly of Company BEI and now working for video game Company S.
I told him I was playing one of their games, and he was actually part of the project.
Not the video game but the anime version of it.

I also saw my friend H from video game Company A.
They were promoting a new title coming out in June.

I guess that's it for Day 1.

Fanime 2009 Day 0

This year I was attending Fanime as a dealer, so I drove up with fellow boothmate D.
Since I am injured, he did most of the work.

After we finished setting up we went to our friend B's art show closing party.

Here are some pictures.
Action Action Action

Action Action Action

Action Action Action

My friend F, a graphic designer at Company V, showed up later too.

After the show we went to a cafe to catch up.
We mostly talked about the things and people in the industry.

Manga for Mother's Day (Not Really)

Oops, I was going to write this for Mother's Day, but my wrist has been acting up.

I was going to introduce some manga that my mother reads/likes.

She doesn't read much manga, which is odd, considering how much manga she's been around, but here they are:

Jaja-uma Grooming Up!
by Masami Yuuki

My mother likes horse this is an obvious choice.
It's about a guy who travels to Hokkaido and decides to quit high school to live at a horse-breeding ranch.
It follows a span of 4 years of him, the people around him, and the horses as they grow.

What I like also about this manga is that the horses are drawn so cute!
I used to HATE going to the race tracks when I was a kid, when only my father was into it.
I hated the smell of the horse poo.

But now I'm more aware about horse racing...I don't know if that's a good thing, but...

Eiko Kera

The first time my sister and I read this, we laughed so hard because the mother in the manga acts so much like our own mother.
This manga is presented in equal-sized panels that go down.
They look like 4-koma but there's no punchline at the 4th panel, but a chapter goes for about 3 pages.
The story is about everyday life of a family.
It's all in color and very cute.

Seigi no Mikata
Chiaki Hijiri

This is about a pretty evil, selfish lady (the older sister of the main character) whose evil comments or acts end up saving other people.
This was made into a live-action drama series (Japanese dorama), which is why my mother showed interest.

My mother and sister say that the evil sister is a little bit like me.


Is anyone going to Fanime?

Please let me know or call me during the con :D

Some work updates:

I'm working on Lelouch #5 (almost done!) and Princess Resurrection #8.
There is a new android in #8.
This one doesn't just say "Hooba," but "Hoooooobaaaaaaa."

Hee hee hee.