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Physical Therapy (@home)

Today I will talk about the physical therapy I do at home, since I've been getting questions from my friends.

I do a number of things over the course of the day.

Contrast bath therapy:
I prepare two tubs, filling one with hot/warm water (usually I make it too hot...I burned myself once), and the other with ice cold water.

It looks like this.
Contrast Bath Therapy Setup

I put the cold water in the blue tub for easy reference.
The hot water pot is placed next to the pink tub so I can add more hot water when it gets cooler.

I dunk my whole forearm in the pink tub for 2-3 minutes, then dunk it in the blue tub for a minute.
And I repeat the process for 15 minutes.
I use a timer to keep track of the time.
I used to do nothing and just stand there, but lately I've been playing DS or reading manga with my left hand.

Sometimes the cat comes around and wonders what I am doing.
Koge Shu Looking Up

After 15 minutes, I wipe down and massage my forearm.
My main injury is in the carpal tunnel and the TFCC area, but my elbow's been affected so I treat the entire area.

I massage using a gel called Sombra.

Best thing ever.
Before I got this I used Biofreeze.

After a thorough massage I do stretches, then some strengthening exercises using a dumbbell, a tape gun, and a rubber band.
(Not all together).

Then I ice the area for 10 minutes.

And that ends my morning therapy.

After the Sombra wears off I put a topical gel called Voltaren on the swollen area.
I have to keep this on my wrist for an hour before I wash it off, so I try to pass the time by watching TV.

I do another contrast bath therapy in the afternoon, followed by a massage.

Then I do another contrast bath therapy at night + massage + strengthening (if I feel no pain).
This will be followed by another Voltaren application.

I do various stretches throughout the day, especially when I am watching TV or on the computer.

Before I go to sleep I apply more Sombra on my wrist and do the final stretches for the day, then wear a wrist brace to sleep.

I think this just about covers my home edition of therapy.
It takes a good amount of my time each day, but it's worth it...I hope.
I'll talk about the stuff I do at my therapist's office next time.