One Potato Two


Working at AX 2009

Oops, I haven't posted for a while again.
I've been focusing on my hand therapy and trying to type less.
And it's so hot I really don't want to wear a headset to use Dragon.
I guess I should get a microphone...


It's only April, but I guess people are getting ready for Anime Expo 2009.
I got an email asking if I can work for a certain client, so I will be attending this year.
I can't say which company yet (I've worked with them before, though), since the Guest of Honor hasn't been announced.
I guess AX is still finalizing the details or something.

I am not working at Fanime this year but I will be going to see my NorCal friends.

Other than that, I'm currently working on Nunnally 2, Lelouch 5, and got new manga today.
(Not announced yet...I think).