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Code Brown Code Geass

My editor at Company BEI emailed me how he was about to send three books to me:

Nightmare of Nunnally #2
Lelouch manga #5
Code Geass novel #3

He was able to send me Nunnally, but had to wait a few days for the other two because he accidentally "drowned it in coffee."
He said to not worry because he had multiple copies.

For a moment, I thought it was because he had injured his left hand and was only using one hand.
But he said that he was a big clutz and had nothing to do with his hand.

Anyway, I got the other two books yesterday.
I was flipping through Lelouch #5 when...

I noticed that the last few pages were crinkly.

I looked at the bottom and sure enough, it was brown.

I guess the extra copies weren't completely safe.

Lelouch manga #5 has a bonus manga at the end featuring a story about when Lelouch, Suzaku, and Nunnally are younger.
It's a nice story to read along with Novel 0.
Please buy both and support my work!

P.S. "Code Brown" is sort of from Monsters vs Aliens, in case no one notices...