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Physical Therapy (@home)

Today I will talk about the physical therapy I do at home, since I've been getting questions from my friends.

I do a number of things over the course of the day.

Contrast bath therapy:
I prepare two tubs, filling one with hot/warm water (usually I make it too hot...I burned myself once), and the other with ice cold water.

It looks like this.
Contrast Bath Therapy Setup

I put the cold water in the blue tub for easy reference.
The hot water pot is placed next to the pink tub so I can add more hot water when it gets cooler.

I dunk my whole forearm in the pink tub for 2-3 minutes, then dunk it in the blue tub for a minute.
And I repeat the process for 15 minutes.
I use a timer to keep track of the time.
I used to do nothing and just stand there, but lately I've been playing DS or reading manga with my left hand.

Sometimes the cat comes around and wonders what I am doing.
Koge Shu Looking Up

After 15 minutes, I wipe down and massage my forearm.
My main injury is in the carpal tunnel and the TFCC area, but my elbow's been affected so I treat the entire area.

I massage using a gel called Sombra.

Best thing ever.
Before I got this I used Biofreeze.

After a thorough massage I do stretches, then some strengthening exercises using a dumbbell, a tape gun, and a rubber band.
(Not all together).

Then I ice the area for 10 minutes.

And that ends my morning therapy.

After the Sombra wears off I put a topical gel called Voltaren on the swollen area.
I have to keep this on my wrist for an hour before I wash it off, so I try to pass the time by watching TV.

I do another contrast bath therapy in the afternoon, followed by a massage.

Then I do another contrast bath therapy at night + massage + strengthening (if I feel no pain).
This will be followed by another Voltaren application.

I do various stretches throughout the day, especially when I am watching TV or on the computer.

Before I go to sleep I apply more Sombra on my wrist and do the final stretches for the day, then wear a wrist brace to sleep.

I think this just about covers my home edition of therapy.
It takes a good amount of my time each day, but it's worth it...I hope.
I'll talk about the stuff I do at my therapist's office next time.


Working at AX 2009

Oops, I haven't posted for a while again.
I've been focusing on my hand therapy and trying to type less.
And it's so hot I really don't want to wear a headset to use Dragon.
I guess I should get a microphone...


It's only April, but I guess people are getting ready for Anime Expo 2009.
I got an email asking if I can work for a certain client, so I will be attending this year.
I can't say which company yet (I've worked with them before, though), since the Guest of Honor hasn't been announced.
I guess AX is still finalizing the details or something.

I am not working at Fanime this year but I will be going to see my NorCal friends.

Other than that, I'm currently working on Nunnally 2, Lelouch 5, and got new manga today.
(Not announced yet...I think).

Code Brown Code Geass

My editor at Company BEI emailed me how he was about to send three books to me:

Nightmare of Nunnally #2
Lelouch manga #5
Code Geass novel #3

He was able to send me Nunnally, but had to wait a few days for the other two because he accidentally "drowned it in coffee."
He said to not worry because he had multiple copies.

For a moment, I thought it was because he had injured his left hand and was only using one hand.
But he said that he was a big clutz and had nothing to do with his hand.

Anyway, I got the other two books yesterday.
I was flipping through Lelouch #5 when...

I noticed that the last few pages were crinkly.

I looked at the bottom and sure enough, it was brown.

I guess the extra copies weren't completely safe.

Lelouch manga #5 has a bonus manga at the end featuring a story about when Lelouch, Suzaku, and Nunnally are younger.
It's a nice story to read along with Novel 0.
Please buy both and support my work!

P.S. "Code Brown" is sort of from Monsters vs Aliens, in case no one notices...