One Potato Two


Code Geass Novel 1 Shadow Released

This is out.
I haven't looked over it at all, since I'm still working on Novel 2.

TSUBASA Artbook Announced

Oops, I missed the TSUBASA artbook announcement.

This is something I worked on, although it was only 4 pages of text in the back.
CLAMP went and explained each artwork, which I think is a nice bonus.

There was a question somewhere if it was the artbook or the character guide, but it's the artbook.
Colored illustrations with very little text.

Please look forward to it.

Kitchen Princess Novel Announced

Does anyone remember the blog entry here?
Well, what the author revealed was announced at NYCC, according to MangaCast Twitter.

I haven't been asked to work on it, so there might be someone else translating it.

Either way, please look forward to it.

Starting Toki Kake Manga

Toki Kake

I finished Lelouch #4 so now I am starting on the Toki Kake manga.
Company BEI gave me the DVD for reference, so I've been watching it over and over, trying to match the lines if there are any.

The manga has a bonus about Kazuko, the original girl.

I have to finish this manga in two days. Sob sob.

Sword of the Stranger Screening

I just heard this from Robert at Company BEI today (I was a little slow...), but Sword of the Stranger will be screened in various theaters on Thursday.

So if a theater near you is showing it, please check it out!
Gore! Yeah!