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Holiday Cards

I sent in my holiday cards last week, and I'm already getting compliments about how cute it is from my American clients.
Thank you!

And…I still have about 50 of them.
I don't use the same holiday cards next year (I'll make another one), so all of it will be dumped.

Unless I send out more!

So…If any readers of this blog (like other translators, hint hint) are interested in receiving one, please provide your address.
You can make a comment on this post and lock it so that only I can see it.

I also added a mailing form to the bottom right of this blog.
After you push "send," the button to the left side would be actually sending.
The button to the right says, "cancel."
(Sorry I couldn't change the Japanese text on those buttons...)

I promise that I will not sell your information to any third parties.

I will send out cards until Saturday.

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